My membership card photo is SO not flattering

Today ended up being a supremely productive day.  I woke up at about 8:30am, and went for a 40 minute walk.  I then took a shower, and Eric awoke.   We decided to make our inaugural trip to Costco.  We spent, literally about 2 or 3 hours in there.

And came out $350 poorer.  But at least I don’t have to buy paper towels for the next 4 years.

Costco is a time-consuming and awe-inspiring experience.  I’ve never seen packages of Parmesan cheese so HUGE before!  I have several pounds of spaghetti, along with 2 huge bottles of sauce.  Enough Dr. Pepper and Diet Pepsi to last a while.  And then we also picked up some new towels, a new Brita pitcher, and some booze.  There’s pretty much almost nothing that you can’t obtain at Costco.

Eric made burgers (which we bought today) on our Hamilton Beach Foreman Grill wannabe (which we did not buy today).  I feel pretty confident that I could do it myself.  If all else fails, I can just grab a couple crackers out of the monstrous box, and slice a few pieces off of the 2 pound block of cheddar that we bought.

I’ll be eating bagels for a month or two, and english muffins until 2011.

And the 4-pack of Clorox wipes! I’ve already started using those.  Because on and off this afternoon and evening, I’ve been cleaning the house.  The kitchen is pretty much all set, just needs to be mopped.  Same with the bathroom.

Seriously, today has been all about working out, shopping, cooking and cleaning.  I remember when my days used to be all about group trips to greasy breakfasts, lazy TV watching and mass quantities of Coors Light.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I still have days like that.

But still…all this being-an-adult type stuff is weird.  Frightening.  But cool nevertheless.

(Honestly, I should be more used to it.  I mean, I AM 33, after all…)

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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