I sing because I’m happy; I sing because I’m free

As I recently mentioned, I’ve been reading a lot of industry blogs.  Many of them spew out such advice as “follow your dreams during this time of mass economic woe,”  blah-blah.  Stories along the lines of “I left the MAN and started my own high-profit recruiting agency/career coaching/blee-blahing company!”  Or, “Since I was laid off, I took that time to get certified in X, Y and Z.  Plus I took cha-cha lessons and learned how to knit!”

Which bugs the crap out of me.  Sorry, but even WITH a job, I am $30,000 in debt (my own damn fault, I know).  So now is not the time, nor will it be anytime soon, for me to start throwing cash around on some extreme-betterment program. I’m just trying to pay my bills here, people.

I digress, as usual.  That’s not the point of this post.

My question is…what if your dreams aren’t along the lines of corporate conquests and a C-level title?  What if your true passion is not in the corporate world?  What then?

You know that I love to sing.  Most people that have heard me think that I’m pretty good at it – I like to think so too.  But I was never taught to follow my dreams.  I was taught to work hard, do well in school, go on to college and get a sensible job.  Stuff like art and music is fine for hobbies, but not for making a living.  Not that I was ever discouraged from singing – my parents came to all my choir concerts, and even drove 3 hours to Philly to watch me compete in (and WIN, thank you very much) a karaoke contest.  But they’d never say, “You should go to LA and sing at open-mics and try and get discovered!”

Would my life have panned out any differently if I had been encouraged in that way?  Who knows.  Fact is, I grew up in a very sheltered, mostly-traditional manner.  And my parents are very proud of me, now that I am establishing myself in the recruiting industry and becoming slightly successful at it.

But I’m still not financially stable (my father would KILL me if he knew that).  I should be, since I followed the sensible plan.  But, I’m not.  Which just makes me wonder how truly screwed I’d be if I had gone the Jewel route (you know, living in a van, singing songs on the corner).  No guarantees that I’d be a multi-platinum artist married to a rodeo star, that’s for sure.

I wouldn’t even know what to do or where to begin, if I decided to embark on the “I want to be a singer” adventure.  I don’t really have the balls to do it at this stage of the game.  I hardly fit into what is marketable – I’m overweight, rapidly approaching my mid-30s, and don’t play an instrument well enough to compose songs, let alone accompany myself.

Still, I love to sing.  So I sing – at least once a week, at my local karaoke bar.  I get cheers and I get compliments.  I let out my aggression, joy and sadness.  I sing.

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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