Thursday Night Karaoke Wrap-Up

At karaoke last night, I sang a random smattering of songs – as I usually do.  Lately, people have wanted to sing duets with me, which I have no qualms about.

– Opposites Attract – Paula Abdul (I sang this with my friend Tom)

– Mercy – Duffy

– I’m Not Okay (I Promise) – My Chemical Romance

– Irreplaceable – Beyonce’ (sung as a duet with my friend Shani)

I think that’s it.

Aaaaaaand, today I felt like crap all day.  As is what often happens on Fridays.  Because I’m an idiot, and still think I’m 21 and can party like a rockstar on a “school night.”   So tonight I have gone to the other extreme – I fell asleep at about 8pm, maybe, in front of the TV.  I woke up at about 10:45pm, stiff with a crick in my back, and an episode of “Say Yes To The Dress” was on TLC.

Such is my life, bouncing between the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Today’s 31DBBB challenge was to communicate with other bloggers – emails, comments and whatnot.  So I spent some time doing that after I got home from work and had my oh-so nutritious dinner of a bagel and cream cheese.

My 3 hour nap was WAY too enjoyable.  I think I should return to that state of bliss.

About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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