Snappy post titles are not my forte’ when I’m exhausted on a Sunday night.

First of all, Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate.  It never was a huge holiday in my household – I grew up getting Easter Baskets and going to Sunday services (for the 3 years that we went to church growing up), and dinner with the fam.  I figure it’s a bigger deal now for my parents since they started attending a Baptist Church a few years ago and became Born Again.  I’m happy for them, in that they have faith, and they have a ton of friends through the church and a sense of community and purpose, but it’s just not for me.  I have too many issues with the hypocrisies involving organized Christianity.  And too many issues personally.


Apparently not ever mission/task on my 31DBBB will involve writing.  Yesterday, we were supposed to read about 40 billion posts with tips about blogging.  Because, we apparently all have that sort of time.  I read a few of them, some of the points seemed to contradict others – which is to be expected with difference of opinion and perspective.  So, I just have decided to write as I feel, when I feel, what I feel.  So many of the tip posts had these charts and graphs – which topic to write about, which not to write about, what percentage of writers are in the Twitter Elite, blee blah. Who the fuck cares?  Would I love to be read by millions? Sure.  Do I honestly think that’d happen in this lifetime?  No.

But it’s nice to read things and be inspired, as opposed to being all “Woe! That’ll never be me!”  So, in that vain (vein? whichever), and to also fulfill my requirements (sort of, I guess) of Day #7 of DBBB, I’m going to link to some blog posts that are funny or particularly noteworthy.

Maybe.  I’m kinda forcing this tonight, because I’m tired, and it’s Sunday night.

  • I forget where I originally saw this post about finding an Old JC Penney catalog from the 70s, but it’s worth the read. 1000%.
  • I like Erica, because she’s funny, and this post, because I really want to go on a cruise, and she offers a great perspective and tips.
  • I started reading this blog, because of her guest post on Penelope Trunk’s blog.  And honestly, I have no idea why I read Penelope’s blog, because she pisses me off with most everything she says.  But Jamie’s guest post received a lot of flak from Penelope’s readers, and for that I’ve got to give her a ton of respect.
  • I was psyched to see that TranceJen is still doing her thing.  I read her blog back in the Diaryland days, and just find her to be hysterically funny and witty.  After I fell off of d-land, I kinda stopped reading blogs for a while.  Jen was one of the first ones I looked up again when I decided to get back into blogging.

OK, that’s it.  Honestly, this post is so half-assed.  But I figure my 2.2 readers will forgive me.  Because as much as I like to whoop it up 2-3 nights per week, Sunday night is not one of them.  It is now almost 1130pm, which is WAY past my bedtime for a school night.  I should have gone to bed about 2 hours ago.   Nevermind the fact that I took a nap for a large chunk of this afternoon, and for about 2 hours after going out to dinner with the boyfriend.

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3 Responses to Snappy post titles are not my forte’ when I’m exhausted on a Sunday night.

  1. janes insane says:

    So, you’re following someone’s advice about blogging better, or something like that? I have always thought you blog was always good reading. I guess when you’re a famous blogger, I can say “I knew you when”

    • meredithelaine says:

      Apparently, it is more geared towards people who strive to make money off their blogs, but I thought it would be worth a shot, just to enhance my writing, my blog, etc. But most of the tips really are geared towards marketing your blog/business, etc. LE SIGH.

  2. janes insane says:

    And don’t you just HATE those blogs?? Everybody I know avoids them like the plague. Someone can write about most anything, but when I find them pushing stuff on me, I’m gone! I’m glad you’re seeing it for what it is.

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