Overwhelmed already

So, today I’m supposed to join some forums, get involved, and all that jazz.  I would like to know when the fuck am I going to have time to do that?

I’ve joined San Diego Bloggers, BlogHer and 30something bloggers.  Do I honestly think I’m going to get involved?  Probably not at all, or as much as I’d like to.  I’d like to connect with people doing what I do. Honest, I would.

But, I spend all day at work juggling all the tasks that I need to do (Like most people.  I’m not bitching or trying to say “poor me”).   Admin work, sales support, recruitment support, recruitment of my own, posting jobs on every website imaginable, plus running my company’s groups on FB, LI and Twitter (and HELL NO, I am not providing links.  Work and real life stay separate.), plus my 45 minute commute home (oh, the I-5 kills me in the afternoons), try and work out (and usually failing miserably), have some sort of dinner, try and come up with a blog post, catch up on twitter, try and have an actual life (that would be where the karaoke and Coors Light come into play!).  Then sleep in a different room than my boyfriend because he snores like a wildebeast, wake up at 545 am anyway, get ready for work and drive the boyfriend to work so he gets there by 7, and then I’m at work by 715 or 730 (90% of the time, I’m the first one in the office).  At some point during the week I have to do laundry.  Maybe attempt to clean my home.   I’m tired all the fucking time.  I feel like I never get it all done.

(This is where I do some sort of disclaimer and give much respect and props to everyone able to pull all this AND more off …)

I have my work and regular emails on my phone.  As well as 2 separate Twitter apps – again, one for work, one for real life.  I’ve got an ear/eye always open for news to give my boss, potential leads and what not.  I’m not even a heavy-hitter in my office.  I’m lowest on the totem pole!  But yet I continually feel like I’m spreading myself too thin.  And that I will start dropping balls all over the place.  I don’t even know if all this is expected of my, but I’m always pushing myself harder.  I feel like I am burning out.

So really, add forums to the mix?  Compose an intro post, only to never be heard from again?

(I just took a 5 minute pause to sit outside and have a smoke.  This post was stressing me out.  But I brought my iphone out there, and checked both emails and my personal twitter. JEEEEEZ.)

I’m not blogging because I am starting up some exciting company.  I don’t sell anything on my own, I don’t make anything on my own.  I’m writing out of some self-centered need to get myself heard, to connect with people, and to have a hobby of sorts.

I just want to know how people manage to DO it all?  I know there’s a thousand blogs posts and tweets I miss.  Never mind the fact that I have a hard time keeping in touch with my friends NOT online – mostly my East Coast peeps.  The 3 hour time difference, along with all the other factors of LIFE, makes that difficult, if not impossible.

Now I have to get ready to walk in place for 30 minutes, or more, while watching American Idol.  When all I really want to do is curl up in bed and SLEEP.

ETA: I joined yet ANOTHER forum today – for Scrantonians.  But I feel like that’s ALLOWED, because I spent 4 years of my life there.  I went to The University of Scranton.   I’ve been back to visit so many times since I graduated college in 1997 (granted, now that I’m in CA, it’s not nearly as often).  So, it seems fitting.

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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3 Responses to Overwhelmed already

  1. janes insane says:

    Dear gawd woman, slow down!! You remind me of so many Californian’s that try to squeeze too damned much stuff into their lives. Why on earth are you joining forums & (I’ve got to go back & re-read what you’ve done) 30something and BlogHer, WTF? I’m telling you, just reading about all you’re doing has made me so exhausted I’m going out after I’m done reading & having a smoke!
    I know I probably sound like your mom, but sweetie, it’s not about being “like” anyone else; there’s only ONE you & that’s how it’s supposed to be. Relax Breathe. Go for a walk. Say “hi” to someone who looks lonely (don’t confuse lonely with perverted…hehe) You are such a beautiful person.
    Screw all these people that want you to change & do every-damn-thing.
    I am not trying to rag on you, I just want you to accept you for you. All those people telling you what “more” you should do to be just like them? I bet their lives SUCK.

    ps… about the snoring thing, I’ve got a couple suggestions & then I promise not to be motherly in any other comment (I’ll try my hardest).
    1. If he’s eating a lot right before going to bed, that’ll make him snore worse. He should sit up for at least an hour.
    2. Benadryl may help a LOT.
    3. People tend to snore worse on their back or on 1 particular side. For my bf it’s on his right side, so when he wakes me up snoring I tell him to roll over & he usually does.
    Jim snores bad, although I don’t know how bad your bf does, but maybe some of those tips may work.

    I bet your other readers are gonna think I’m a complete pushy bitch, but I hope I’m not. About your last post, you don’t know why we like you? Duh! Cuz you’re YOU and that’s what this blog is all about! Keep it real.

    • meredithelaine says:

      Yeah, see, all the blog stress is due to the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog thing! Like I said, I’m learning a lot, but it’s not really geared towards someone like me, who is just writing because I like to.

      I took last night off. I read some stuff, but didn’t write. I think becoming part of the “challenge” caused me to put WAY too much pressure on myself.

      And please don’t worry about being too motherly or pushy or whatever. I love that we’ve reconnected! 🙂 All advice and comfort and encouragement is totally appreciated!

  2. janes insane says:

    1 of the things I’ve learned this month is that I’m a loner. I have recently begun Twittering & I do enjoy it, usually late at night. But for the most part, I don’t want to be part of a social group; that’s just not me.
    If nothing else, I think you’re learning about yourself during this 31 day thing.

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