Twistin’ by the pool

A couple that I am friends with just moved into a new house that has a POOL.  And since we’re in San Diego, and since the weather has been fabulous as of late, they are planning a Pool Party/BBQ this weekend.

Which of course makes me go into panic mode because of the dreaded Bathing Suit (dun dun dunnnn)!

And has also put THIS SONG in my head.  This week, at least 10 times a day, I’ve caught myself humming the tune.  Which is weird, because I don’t think I have even HEARD the song since the early 80s.  I remember seeing this video ALL the time on MTV.  Yes, I started watching MTV at a very, very young age.  My family was one of the first on the block to get cable (…maybe.  My guess is that most of the peeps on my block bragged about being the first.), and I watched Nickelodeon a LOT.  And one day, they switched the cable line-up.  My favorite channel that brought me Pinwheel and Today’s Special was all of a sudden…MTV.  Oh, lordy be, it was all over from there.  One of my dearest friends from college blames my ADD on this fact alone.

Oh sheesh, I digressed AGAIN (proof of the ADD, perhaps).  Where was I…ah yes, Pool Party Panic!

My first point of concern is – Where ARE my bathing suits?  I know I have a few, but as to where they actually are.  Oh, wait hold on…found ’em!  I have one of those sets of cheap-ass plastic drawers (that EVERYONE has), and they are all smushed in the bottom drawer.

Second point of concern is – OMG I HAVE TO PUT ONE OF THESE THINGS ON. Hopefully, one of them fits – I’m pretty sure I have at least 2 that will. And of course then there’s all the anxiety over actually wearing it in front of people.  The thought of being the fattest person at the party, in all my nylon/spandex blend glory, is not far from my stream of consciousness.

Third point of concern is – Damn, I am fucking pale.  Seriously, I reflect the sun.  I also have a weird pseudo-farmers tan that never quite disappears or blends.  It probably didn’t help that about 2 years ago, when American Idol held its auditions in San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium, I kinda forgot about sunscreen.  And despite our seats being in the shade about 90% of the time that we were there…we were there for about 12 hours.  I got mighty crispy that day.  And 2 years (and multiple momentary lapses of reason and forgetting sunscreen) later, I still have the tan.

Fourth point of concern is – my HAIR.  It would be one thing if I had luxurious locks that looked gorgeous no matter what.  But I currently need a trim (desperately), and my hair is quite possibly schizo.  If left to its own devices, the front will stay pretty much straight, and the back will do some kind of weird curly/kinky thing.  Add in my current hair woes, and it stands to reason that I’m not really looking forward to taking a dunk and engaging in water sports (not THOSE, you perv!)  And that sucks, because I kinda really love to swim.  Maybe I should don a swim cap like my grandma used to wear?

Fifth point of concern is – What to bring?  I asked the hosts if I could bring anything, and the reply was, “Your favorite alcoholic beverage and a floatation device.”  Obviously, this means Coors Light and…some swimmies?   On the other hand, fat floats.  So I probably have nothing to worry about.   And I can take the money I would’ve spend on swimmies on…you guessed it!  More Coors Light!

And more Coors Light will help me to forget that I was even suffering from Pool Party Panic in the first place!  So, really, this event shall be a win all around.

But I’m thinking that maybe we (we being me and the boyfriend) should bring some grub?  I’ve been to BBQs this couple has had before, and they usually do it up pretty big – burgers and dogs, crab cakes, bratwurst, salads, etc.   So, I’m not sure.  Maybe there’s a fun side dish, or chips and dip or cookies?

What do you enjoy most at BBQs?  Any suggestions of what I can offer to bring?  Please bear in mind that I’m really not a great cook.  AT ALL.

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4 Responses to Twistin’ by the pool

  1. humanresourcespufnstuf says:

    I’m not chef, so simple food for BBQ’s is my forte. Here’s my fav, it’s easy, but will impress:

    1. Cut up some honeydew or cantaloupe into cubes. Slice some prosciutto (have the deli slice it thin) and wrap around the melon, jam a toothpick in to hold the meat and presto – awesome gnosh for pool side

  2. jane says:

    The above suggestion sounds WONDERFUL! I just realized that right when I thought you were ‘okay’ I quit coming by daily; just like a mom, right?
    I don’t know if you’re really overweight, or if you’re like the rest of us that no matter our weight, we’ll always think we’re too fat.
    Anyways, they have really cool swim shorts at Target. You can either wear a 1 piece w/them or just a top w/them. They’re like guy swim trunks, but for girls. I don’t know how guys wear those w/o anything under; I tried it once in the house & couldn’t go outside like that, lol.
    Who cares if you’re white? It’s APRIL! Just wear lots of sunscreen, please. I got skin cancer on my face ~ 1 summer I laid out all the time, using oil, of course. I’m very fair skin & have freckles…high risk for skin cancer. duh!
    About your hair, this is what a friend suggested & it work. I don’t know how long your hair is (I’m gonna click on your ‘hair issue’ link after I write this, backwards, I know) but put hair conditioner in it. Not so much that you look like a Greaser from the 50s, but it will help keep your hair in place, plus when you swim it won’t get as damaged.
    Have a good time, relax. Remember, everyone else is probably as nervous as you are, that’s what the alcohol is for, right? Don’t judge how you’re feeling inside by how comfortable others seem to be on the outside. See? They’re shakin’ in their boots, too!

    • meredithelaine says:

      Well as you know, it ended up being a beautiful day yesterday, but a bit too chilly to swim. It figures, last weekend it was 90, this weekend it was 62. But I did dip my feet in the water, and it was DIVINE. I wore a really cute, casual short sleeve dress and wore sunscreen. So I got a little color, but didn’t get burned. 🙂 But we had so much fun. The food was amazing – my friends are amazing cooks and great on the grill.

  3. jane says:

    Glad you had fun. It was probably better that it wasn’t 90; you would have gotten sunburned for sure! Although, 80 wouldn’t have been too bad.

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