My pretty cool weekend (Part 1)

I don’t even know what to say about this weekend.   It was a lot of fun.  Despite the fact that since Thursday, I’ve had a migraine, on and off.  But I am a trooper, a glutton for punishment and trying so hard to hold on to my fleeting youth, that I went out and did my thing.

Friday night, I napped when I got home (because of the aforementioned headache), woke up about 9:15 pm and debated heading over to Gilly’s.  Which I eventually ended up doing.  Next door to Gilly’s there is a Russian restaurant, and the owner, an older gentleman, is often sitting outside by the outdoor grill, greeting passers-by.  If you ask him how he is, he will reply something like “Ornery and miserable as usual,” with a smile on his face.  On Friday, he said, “Come here and try this! It’s our new recipe.”   I tried a bit, and it was delicious.  I asked him what it was, you know, for future reference, and he said, “Beef.”   “Um, beef?” I replied.  Then he expanded and said it was beef sleshka (completely not the correct spelling, I’m sure, but that’s what it SOUNDED like).

So yeah, an old man offered me HIS MEAT when I was walking to the bar.

It was a typical fun night at karaoke, and my friend Sonya showed me a funny website:  Look At This Fucking Hipster.  And in an interesting twist, Sonya told me she had a present for me.  She ran out to her car, and re-entered the bar with THESE: 

I wore them all night.   They are fabulous and hysterical and cheesy and really, really WRONG.  And Sonya, being as awesome as she is, knew that I would think that they were so horrifically awesome, that she purchased them for me.  Because I am not above being ridiculous, and Sonya is not above being an enabler in that endeavor.

The best part was when a group of hipsters in the bar actually COMPLIMENTED ME on the gloves!  “Those are so cute!  They are fabulous!  Where did you get them?”

I told them that they were a present from a friend.  I didn’t mention that said friend is the karaoke hostess and that she got the gloves as somewhat of a dig at people like THEM.

I could continue on with my stories about the rest of my weekend, but Eric just got home from rehersal with his sketch comedy troupe, and I’ve been watching the Food Network and Travel Channel on and off all afternoon, and now either want bar food, steak or crab.

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4 Responses to My pretty cool weekend (Part 1)

  1. jane says:

    Only in Cali. will an old man offer a young woman his meat, in passing!

    Could your migraines be from pollens? I get them & in the spring it’s worse, sometimes it’s a migraine & sinus headache. I’ve probably told you this before, BUT… I always have an icepack by my bedside & usually put it on my head at night. (I know, sexy, huh? lol) But it does help prevent migraines, at least for me. Do your headaches get worse around 3-4pm? That’s when mine do.

    Love the gloves! I actually know 2 people that would wear them, although I wouldn’t. So glad you are enjoying living here, I really am.

    • I was just excited that I got to tell that story to all my friends, “GUYS, the old dude outside just offered me his MEAT.”

      It is scary what amuses me… 🙂

      As for the pollen thing, it’s altogether possible. It seems since I moved to SD, I’ve had more allergy-related troubles than I EVER had back east.

      Time to load up on the Claritin-D, I guess.

  2. humanresourcespufnstuf says:

    Your gloves rock. I find that nothing compares to quirky accessories.

    Also, I was psyched to read that your boyfriend is in a sketch comedy group, that’s awesome. I’m a Second City alum and improv and sketch led me to stand up, and it continues to be an awesome journey.

  3. I kinda love the gloves a lot. I’m so glad you like them too. They’re so silly, but then, so am I, so anyone I know is not going to be scandalized by what I’m wearing!

    Eric has done a lot of acting, writing, performing here in SD. He has also been in a few bands out here. He’s working 2 jobs now, so it’s been hard for him to have the time or energy to do anything anymore, but I’m really happy for him that he’s getting back into it. 🙂

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