Back on home turf

Back in San Diego after a whirlwind trip to New Jersey.  When you put your mind to it, you can pack a LOT into just a few days.  I loved being able to just spend time with the family and with my friends.

I did make it in and out of NYC just fine.  Ended up taking the PATH from Jersey City into NYC.  Apparently the PATH runs 24 hours, which I was not aware of.  My biggest fear in all of this was being TRAPPED in New York all night.  Because I don’t think the NJ Transit trains run 24/7, and I really, REALLY did not want to drive into midtown.

We met up at the Westside Tavern, which was such a great little place.  After getting relatively liquored up there, we headed over to Viceroy, where we were that table.  But they took it all in stride and the service was amazing, as was the food.  I highly recommend their Pommes Frittes (french fries) and Fried Calamari.   After that (oh yes, there’s more) we went to a gay sports bar (and I mean gay as in catering to homosexuals, not the lame-ass phrase “that’s so gay”), but I honestly could not tell you the name of it.  Eventually, most of us petered out and went home.

I got pulled over on the way home, on Rt 23.   Not for being drunk (I had stopped drinking several hours prior and had eaten and switched to drinking water), but for being stupid.  We were heading North on 23 to head home, but wanted bagels from the 24 hour bagel place, so we had to take a jughandle and head South.  So to head back North, I cut through a small storefront’s parking lot to turn around at the next light, instead of going up 2 more lights to take the next jughandle.  (If you are from NJ, or have been to NJ, hopefully you know what I mean).  As soon as I cut through the lot and got on the road to make a left back onto 23 North, a cop pulled up behind me.  I said to Eric, “Ah shit.  I am SO getting pulled over.”

YAY, I’m psychic.  Or just fully aware of the fact that at 2am in suburban New Jersey, cops will pull you over for the slightest thing.

Light turns green, I make the left, and woop-woop, that’s the sound of the police!

Luckily, I had my CA driver’s license, but was driving my father’s car, which is (obviously) registered in NJ.  So when I told them I’m was in town from California visiting family, I kinda sorta had proof.   The cop told me to get home safe and let me go.

Other than that little story, my trip was mostly low-key.  Dinner with the family, my nephew’s Little League game, seeing my best friend from High School and her 2 kids…

Now I’m back in San Diego, tired.  Still catching up on emails and blogs and work and oh GOD, my house is a mess.  However, I do not have the energy or the patience to deal.  I’d rather just smile and think about how much fun my weekend was, and drift off to hopefully peaceful sleep.

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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2 Responses to Back on home turf

  1. Welcome home, M.E.! And just in time for a heatwave 🙂

  2. meredithelaine says:

    No lie! What is this madness? It was about 55 and rainy the entire time I was in NJ, so to come back to this…well, I have a sore throat. SHOCKER.

    However, I did get some supercute skirts at Target when I went shopping with Mom, so I am now somewhat prepared for the wave of heat. 🙂

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