Calling all San Diego Do-Gooders, Lushes and Beer Snobs!

Since I can’t really think of anything to post about (or, more accurately, I am thinking of TOO MANY things to post about and can’t focus),  I figured I’d repost this little announcement that I put up on Facebook today:

Let it be known that on Sunday, May 24th, the Blind Lady Lady Alehouse in Normal Heights will be helping out with a fundraiser for the National MS Society (via the MS Walk Team Mom’s Angels)!

From 12pm-12am, $1 from every local beer sold will be donated! How can you resist? That’s right…YOU CAN’T.

PLUS, I don’t know if you all noticed, but the next day is Memorial Day, meaning you (most likely) do not have to work the next day, meaning you can buy and drink more beer and support the cause even MORE hardcore!

Blind Lady Alehouse is a family-friendly establishment, so bring the kids and feed them pizza! Bring your friends and drink up!

It’s going to be a fantastic holiday weekend, and this is an amazing way to have fun, celebrate, and support a great cause!

Additional Info:
Blind Lady Alehouse:
MS Walk Direct Donation Page:

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