Walking shoes…and other boring crap in the past week

I suppose it’s a good thing that I have nothing to report, really.  Nothing to bitch about.  No reason to be angsty.  Overall, anyway.

My walking is going well, so far.  4 miles per day – 5 out of the past 8 days.  One day of working out at home for 45 minutes.  2 days of nothing.  My toes blistered like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  The pain was intense.  So…I sucked it up and bought a pair of decent walking/running shoes.

Sneakers from Target don’t do shit.  I’ve bought so many cute, cheap shoes from Target over the years.  But when it comes to fitness, you’ve got to pay for some quality.  I managed to get a great pair of Asics at Lady FootLocker for about $55.   They have the squishy gel in the sole and they do not scrape my toes to shreds.   I am a happy woman.

This also pressures me into actually showing up for the walks and continuing to do this.  Because, if my feet hadn’t nearly threatened to fall off because of the Target sneakers, I would still be using those sneakers.  I am a cheap-ass bitch.  I don’t shop high-end retail unless I have a gift card.  My last haircut was when my friend used me as a hair model for her state licensure.  There are very few things I will pay a lot of money for.  Mainly because I can’t.  I live paycheck to paycheck and am insanely in credit card debt.

So I caved and bought these fucking sneakers…I’m sure as hell going to use them.

Other than that, this weekend was a typical blur of karaoke and parties.  It’s getting to be birthday season.  June/July/August is when I tend to go the most into debt, because of:  Father’s Day, my dad’s birthday (which often coincides with Father’s Day), my sister’s birthday, my nephew’s birthday, a number of my college friends’ birthdays, MY birthday, my parents’ anniversary (which coincides with my birthday), my boyfriend’s birthday, and my best friend from high school’s birthday (which coincides with her husband’s birthday).  Between parties, cards, gifts, dinners…I spend the summer very broke and very tired.

I really would like a new laptop.  This thing is slow as molasses, the internet freezes regularly.  Whenever a new iTunes update comes out, I have to wait until at least one update afterwards, because my computer just won’t take it.   It’s like, ewwww, no.   It’s a cranky ol’ POS.

In other news, the semifinals of the karaoke contest starts this week.  I’ve qualified in: Top 40, R&B, Oldies, Standards/Broadway, and Country.  The only catagory I did not qualify in is Rock – I was at a party, so I wasn’t at the bar in time to compete.  Not to say that if I had been there to compete that I definitely would have qualified, but…there’s a fairly strong chance I would have.

The glitch from here is that I can only advance to the finals in ONE catagory (my catagory last year was Top 40).  I’d really rather try and qualify in one of the catagories that I feel is my strong suit – either Top 40 or R&B.  The Standards/Broadway semis are tonight, but I am not going.   The R&B semis are this Saturday.  Top 40 is next Tuesday.  I’d really rather qualify in Top 40 (defend my title, as it were), but I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak.

Plus I HAVE to go to the R&B semis, since The Boyfriend Extraordinnaire also qualified in the catagory.  As well as another friend of mine.  Always good to have people on the inside, you know?

I’m probably taking my karaoke a bit too seriously.  But fuck it.   Singing is the one talent I have in this world.  And if I can have fun with it, and maybe get a little something out of it, then it’s all good, right?   Plus, if I win in at least my catagory, that’s some money I can put towards a new laptop!  Or a vacation!  HOORAY! Also, if I win any money out of this, I’m planning to donate 1/2 of it towards MS support here in SoCal.

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