No more pain…(I wish!)

First and foremost, I am proud to announce that I am going on to the karaoke FINALS!!  I sang “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige (Again.  Apparently this is a lucky song for me!) and I did well enough to move on to the finals, which will be at Harrah’s Rincon on a still to be determined date.  Same venue as last year.  Last year, the same week as the finals, REO Speedwagon performed on the same stage.

Can’t wait to see who’s playing the same week this year!  I mean, it’s kinda hard to top REO Speedwagon in terms of epic awesomeness.  Does it really get any better than being able to say, “Hell YEAH, I sung on the REO Speedwagon stage!!!”

So we shall see what happens.

I’ve continued to walk with my two friends after work.  4 miles each time.  It doesn’t feel like it’s getting any easier for me, and that’s frustrating.  Granted, it’s only been 2 weeks, and it hasn’t been every day, but shouldn’t my body be getting used to it by now?  And, not to be all OMG why aren’t I losing weight about it, but, um…OMG why aren’t I losing weight?  Between the walking, and me not eating in the food court as much for lunch, and the increased intake of veggies and other good stuff.  I don’t really see any difference, and the only thing I feel are my jeans getting tighter in my thighs, which is kinda the LAST thing I want.

I’m feeling all these aches and pains, and not really feeling any sort of benefit.  I’m tired.  I hobble my way through the 2nd half of the walk.  At this point, it’s VERY easy for me to get discouraged and say fuck it.  I don’t want to, but, it’s kinda like…fitness and health isn’t supposed to be torture is it?  Don’t get me wrong, I have fun with my friends and laugh a lot.  But I’m tired and feel like crap.  Not that I wasn’t tired and didn’t feel like crap before.  But this is a whole new brand of crap and tired.  Different is not necessarily better.

I need to do some stretching before I try and sleep.  Long day tomorrow.

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4 Responses to No more pain…(I wish!)

  1. Keep in mind you’re probably gaining muscle, especially in your thighs, with all your walking. That’s probably why your pants feel tighter and you aren’t losing weight. You probably ARE losing fat but gaining muscle. Hence no change in weight.

    I have the same problem too, with being exhausted even after physical activity, which is supposed to make you feel BETTER and more energized. I’ve been looking into various things and I have a lot of symptoms in common with Chronic Fatigue. Maybe you have that? Idk. It’s bananas. I’d like to do more but when I feel like I’m going to pass out from exhaustion, it makes it kind of hard.

    And congrats on the finals!!! You’re amazing 🙂

    • meredithelaine says:

      I probably shouldn’t write blog posts just post-workout when I’m all cranky about it, LOL! I know that I’m making progress SOMEHOW. I think part of it is that I’ve never took quite a huge leap into fitness before. I mean, from pretty much nothing to 4 miles is huge. So I’m thinking of maybe cutting back a little bit – meaning, that I join the girls, and then walk only 1/2 of it, then go back w/o them. That way I still get the benefits of working out AND hanging with my friends, but I’m not overwhelming my joints and ligaments and whatnot. Then slowly build my way back up to the full 4 miles. Maybe that way I won’t be in so much pain and so overwhelmed…


  2. humanresourcespufnstuf says:

    Congrats on making the finals, that’s awesome. What are you thinking for you song choice?

    • meredithelaine says:

      For the final in R&B, I’m going to sing “No More Drama” again – I think it’s probably my strongest song at this point in the genre. If I make it to the grand finals, I can then sing any song in any catagory. If I get to that point, then I’ll probably sing “Mercy” by Duffy. A little pop, a little old school vibe, a little R&B, plus it’s FUN. 🙂

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