Kick a bitch while she’s down, why don’t ya?

There is no explaining how much of a fuck-up today was.  Actually there is, I suppose.  I’ve got this blog, might as well use it.

I decided last night that I’d make an appointment for the doctor first thing in the morning.  I email my supervisors to let them know.  One of them said to me on Friday afternoon, “If you are still coughing on Monday, don’t come to work!”  Fair enough, guys.

Today started off well – I slept until 645am, which is “sleeping late” for me during the workweek.  I’m usually up by 6am and on the road by 645.   I set my alarm for 8am, and decided to snooze until my doctor’s office opened. 

8am comes along and I call.  They earliest opening for me they have is 1130.  I’ll take it.  I email work to let them know that I may or may not be in work, depending on my diagnosis and will keep them posted.

At about 10am, I decide to head out.  I figure I’ll hit up the grocery store, since I need kitchen trash bags and other such random items.  Then I’ll roll on over to the doctor.  I head out to the car.  I put the key in the ignition.  I hear whirrr, whirrr, clickclickclick.  I try again; same noise.  After a few tries, I scream.  As much as a girl with almost no voice CAN scream.  I’m all, “Fuck, FUCK, NO NO NO!”

The next 15 minutes or so are a blur.  Calls to the parents in NJ – because I know jack shit about cars.  Dad knows all when it comes to this stuff.  He says I should see if someone can jump it, and then get it looked at.  Mostly, though, Mom and Dad are adamant that I MUST GO TO THE DOCTOR.  Call a cab, whatever, but GO TO THE DOCTOR.  My thoughts are OMG, I HAVE TO CANCEL MY APPOINTMENT AND GET MY CAR FIXED SO I CAN GO TO WORK.  (You see my fabulous work ethic there, right?  Work>My Health)

I am a blubbering, hysterical mess at this point.  I finally cave, decide to call a cab and go to the doctor.  I’m standing outside of my apartment complex, cursing life and everyone who has already abandoned my block to go to work.  I even posted on Facebook to see if any of my friends were around to help attempt to jumpstart my car.  Because when in doubt, NETWORK.  Use your social media skillz.

I am out on the sidewalk waiting for the cab, when one of my neighbors comes out and asks me if I am waiting for a ride somewhere.  I explain my situation.  He says, “Let me see if I can get your car jump started for you.”  He pulls his BEEMER (seriously, WTF?) around, gets out the cables and actually gets me started.  I give him a hug and say thank you.  I should probably buy him a bottle of wine

I sit and idle in the car for about 20 minutes, then head over to the doctor.  I am having a panic attack at the thought of having to turn off my car and then being stuck at the doctor’s office forever and have to pay the crazy parking fees, even though I can get my ticket validated.  I tried re-starting my car in the parking structure – I turned on right away. Feeling a bit more confident, and a bit more congested from all the crying I’d done earlier, I head to see my doctor.

My appointment was at 1130.  Usually the office I go to is pretty on point with scheduling.  Not today, of course.  I was not brought inside to get my temperature, blood pressure, etc., taken by the nurse until 12noon.  I was not seen by the doctor until 1215.  I nearly fell asleep waiting for her.

After my 5 minute visit, I am given the diagnosis of having a Sinus Infection.  The doctor says she’ll give me a prescription for the Z-Pack (antibiotics), and will try and find a bottle of Nasonex to give me  (Sadly, no Syzzurp was prescribed).  Alas, there was no Nasonex around, so she told me that she’d call in both to my pharmacy.  I told her that my pharmacy is the Walgreens at 32nd and University. 

So, I am dismissed from the doctor’s office and I decide to go to Jiffy Lube.  I am very (as in 4000 miles) overdue for an oil change, and since my car is not pleased with me to begin with, I figure I should do what I can right now to alleviate the situation.  The folks at Jiffy Lube are friendly and get me started right away.  While waiting, I try calling the local dealership to see if I can schedule a service appointment.  The line rings and rings – I get no answer or voicemail.  Fine.  I will try and schedule an appointment online later, then.  My phone is quickly running out of juice, and that’s the last thing I want when my car’s running status is questionable.

Post-Jiffy Lube, I roll back to the ‘hood to pick up my prescriptions.  They tell me they don’t have anything for me.  I said, “My doctor should have called it in.”  They proceed to tell me that my prescription was called in to the  Community Pharmacy at 6th and University, which was recently bought by Walgreens (but is not, to my knowledge, an actual Walgreens YET).  Meanwhile, I specifically TOLD both the nurse and my doctor that my pharmacy is the ACTUAL Walgreens at 32nd and University, not the fake Walgreens on 6th.  FOOLS.

They tell me they can transfer the prescription, but it will take about 15 minutes.  I know that 15 minutes in pharmacy time is actually an hour in real time, so I tell them I will come back later.

I watch the end of Grease 2 on Bravo, and attempt to make an online appointment to get my car looked at (Please note, as of this writing, it is now 445pm and I have yet to hear anything back).

About 2 hours pass (Time Check: 3pm at this point), and I stop at the AM/PM to gas up my vehicle, then head back to Walgreens.  I run into Art G, and we chit-chat for a few.  I then head to the pharmacy counter, where they proceed to give me ONE prescription.  I said, “Uh, Nasonex?”  They said, “Oh, we don’t have that prescription; we only got the one for the Z-Pack.”

UGH.  *resigned sigh*  FINE.  I probably have some left over Nasonex lying around here from the other 400 times I’ve been prescribed it since moving out here.

I call my mom to have a laugh about it, because at this point, it’s just comical.  Like, really, what else could go wrong today?  Luckily, my trip to Subway to pick up a sandwich went relatively smoothly.  Other than the 3 guys who tried to hit me up for some spare change as I walked through the mini-strip-mall.  But that’s not really atypical.

So that’s been my day.  How was yours?

Oh, and parting question for any of you in the know regarding cars:  My car is a 2005 Hyundai Tucson.  Never had any problems with it.  Started fine with a jump-start and seems to be purring nicely at this point.  What could the cause be?  Would it be in my best interest to get it checked out, just in case?

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