I think I’m cool, but really…not so much

For the past few days, I’ve been getting calls on my cell phone…without a voicemail (pet peeve, really).  But I was kinda excited because the call was coming up from +31, which is the country code for the NETHERLANDS.


I don’t know anyone personally who lives overseas (at least anyone who would call me), so I’m wondering what’s up?  Has someone from abroad learned of my karaoke prowess?  Do they want to import me for Holland’s Got Talent?   

I live in a slightly delusional world, yes.

I take a closer look at the number on my caller ID.  +31  0#######

I realize it is actually a Southern California number.  310 is an area code for the LA area.  When I google the entire phone number, a bunch of these “Who The Fuck Called Me?!?”  websites come up.  A little investigation turns up that the number on my phone is a survey service…for Hyundai.

I drive a Hyundai.  The car that died last week and I got fixed at the dealership? Yeah, it’s a Hyundai. So basically the call is from Hyundai, wanting to know if I’m satisfied with my service and whatnot.


For a delusional millisecond, I thought I was cool.

About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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