At least the RAID spray doesn’t smell too bad.  They must have reformulated it so it doesn’t smell TOO much like, oh, I don’t know, stuff that kills bugs.

Why the RAID?

Because we have fucking FLEAS.  I saw 2 bounce off of my boot over the weekend, and another one jumped on me and then off of me, back on to the couch, the other day.

Which would explain the sudden appearance of red, itchy bumps on my skin.

I sent an email to my landlord, to see if anyone else in the complex had complained of fleas or gnats, and to ask if this was something we could take care of ourselves (spray, bug-fog-bomb, pseudo-sacred chanting, whatever).  She said that no one else has mentioned anything, and that it was fine for us to try and get rid of them ourselves.  Just hold on to the receipt, and we could take the cost of spray, bombs, whatever, out of our rent.

So, I have sprayed the apartment, and I’m hoping for the best.  I figured I’d start with just spray, before breaking out the heavy artillery.  Apparently, if you bug-bomb, you have to make sure your pilot lights are out, cover everything with sheets, close the windows and doors, and leave the house for 4 hours.  It took forever to get my pilot light lit; I’m not putting it out unless I have to.

What I want to know is:  Where the fuck did the fleas come from?!?!  We don’t have any pets.  However, there are a lot of cats that wander around our complex.  Most of them are owned, I think, but there may be a few strays.  Not that we bring them inside to hang out, but they are AROUND.  So there’s one possibility, I guess.  I also thought that maybe it has to do with the change in the weather.  Maybe the bugs need somewhere new to hang out now that it’s getting a little cooler outside?  I don’t know, I’m no bug scientist, whatever they’re called.

Then I thought a little harder about it.  This has only been going on for maybe a week or two.  Hm.  ERIC has only been home for a week or two.

That settles it.  I am totally putting the blame on him for this.  He somehow brought FLEAS back with him from his month-long stint in Dallas.  Which would explain why he’s not all bit up and itchy like I am.  He’s been hangin’ with the fleas for a while now, they’re homies.  He’s immune, and therefore I am just a big, ginormous buffet for the fleas to feast on.

He’s SO in trouble when he gets home.

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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3 Responses to Hate-o-RAID

  1. soulcamp says:

    Buy him a flea collar and be done with it!

  2. Becca says:

    Hey –

    Back in the day when Lexus had fleas…..they can live for awhile and then the eggs can hatch much later. They may have been in the apt all along from previous owners. You do not have to extinguish pilot or cover furniture etc to bomb the house. We didn’t…although with a bad infestation (it sounds like you have one) you may need a professional. The bombs from the store never worked for us…we tried 5 x. Good luck…maybe it isn’t that bad. You don’t have an animal so they have nothing to really live off of….unless you are aluding to the fact that Eric is a dog 😉

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