These dreams go on when I close my eyes

So I had another one of my crazy dreams last night.  Which is odd, since I DIDN’T go see “Paranormal Activity” with my boyfriend and some of our mutual friends.  I’m no fool; I freak out VERY easily.  Like I’m going to subject myself to multiple sleepless nights due to having the bejeezus scared out of me?  I DON’T THINK SO.

Anyway, the dream is very fragmented.  There was a concert held at a high school?  For a high school?  Not 100% sure on that.  Anyway, the concert featured Fall Out Boy, so of course I was going.  Never mind that I’m not in high school and haven’t been for many moons.  In my dream, it was all good either way.

Here’s what I remember:

Going through a maze of rooms and doors and stairways to try and find where this concert was going on.  I opened one door, went up some stairs, and all of a sudden I’m on FOB’s tourbus.  Apparently they were giving tours of the tourbus to a select few.  I was in a special little compartment.  I don’t remember meeting anyone or talking to anyone.  But I held FOB lead singer Patrick Stump’s teddy bear.

Then I’m back in this arena? Concert hall?  And I hear the concert going on but I can’t get to it.  It’s very frustrating.  A friend of mine from high school is there, and she’s trying to lead me to the show, but we keep getting lost/distracted.  In the lobby of the hall, which really almost looked more like a hotel lobby, Mike Doughty is performing.   However, he and his fellow musicians keep starting and stopping, because Mike Doughty keeps forgetting the words to his songs.  Upon closer inspection, it’s not really Mike Doughty.  Well it is, but not, because he seems to look a lot more like the guy who plays Lex Luthor on Smallville.  Or played.  He’s not on the show anymore, right?  I don’t know, that show is AWFUL.  Terrible writing, terrible acting.  Just crap all around.

Back to the dream.

So, I don’t think I ever got to see the show, because all of a sudden the lights come up and people start streaming out of the hall/arena.  The previously mentioned friend from high school says, “We should go in, they might still be playing!”  To which I reply, “Oh HELL no.  I am not fighting my way through that massive crowd of TEENAGERS.”

At that point I get evil glares from her and the other friends I am with, because, HELLO, they ARE teenagers in this dream.  Apparently so am I.  Or they’re failing to notice that I’m not looking QUITE 17.  I mean, I look good for my age, but I don’t think I can pull off 17.

So I say to one of the guys that we’re with, “I didn’t mean YOU guys.  I just meant, like, Fall Out Boy has a notoriously young, teenybopper fan base…”  I drift off awkwardly and am grasping for straws.  But the guy smiles, seemingly understanding and forgiving me.

And this guy friend looks like a young Barack Obama!

That’s about as much of the dream as I remember.

That’ll teach me to drink v8 Fusion Strawberry Banana juice before going to bed.

(In other news, this is my first post composed on my shiny new MacBook.  Well, it’s primarily mine.  Eric and I will share it.  He will use it mostly to write music and edit movies and fun creative arty stuff like that.  I will do…something. *shrug*  However, once I get the hang of Garage Band *squee* and write/record my first song with it, I’ll post that shit right away, so that you guys can listen to it and tell 2 friends, and they’ll tell 2 friends, and so on…

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