Gaga oh mah mah, rah rah oom pah pah…

Or however those lyrics go.

I have a few other blog posts that I’ve been letting marinate for a while.  Kinda deep stuff.  Still debating on whether they’re worth posting or not.  I just find myself getting all mad and fired up.  And I think that I should get it out, because Lord knows I can’t afford therapy or medication anymore.  Keeping everything bottled in isn’t healthy.  I’m angry, hurt, conflicted…and I have no release, no way to make it GO. 

But since it’s almost the Thanksgiving holiday (woooooo!), I feel like I should keep this kinda lighthearted.  Since I got a new laptop, I was finally able to upload the video of my performance in the Karaoke Contest of Awesomeness.  So I am posting it for your viewing pleasure.  It’s very blurry – that’s not your eyes going bad.  It never gets any clearer, so I’m just this giant multi-colored swirly blob running around on a stage, basically. 

My favorite part is the guy in the crowd yelling “You go girl!”



About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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