Black Friday and other traditions

A few years ago, I convinced my Mom to come Black Friday shopping with me – it became a little tradition of ours.  We used to have such a blast – looking over the circulars while drinking the coffee Dad made for us.  Heading out the door between 3 and 4, and getting home almost 100% done with Christmas shopping by 9am.

Yesterday I went Black Friday shopping (with Eric, of course) for the first time in San Diego.  Can I just tell you – it sucked balls.

Back in Jersey, the stores staggered their opening hours (plus were all nearby to each other) and Mom and I could just zip up and down Routes 23 and 46.  Best Buy at 3am, Kohl’s at 4, Wal-Mart and/or Target at 5, and then off to the mall to hit up all the stores there as they opened (usually 6 or 7 for the major department stores, 8am for a lot of the smaller stores).

But here?  Meh.  Old Navy opened at 3, Target and Best Buy BOTH didn’t open until 5.  The nearest Wal-Mart is 15 minutes away, and the nearest Kohl’s is another 15+ minutes beyond that up by where I work.  Borders didn’t even HAVE holiday hours.  WTF?  Yesterday was one of those days where I really miss things being all crammed together like they are in New Jersey.

PLUS – and I could not believe this – the line to get into Target must have been at least 1000 people.  My mom and I used to get to Target a little before it opened, and there were maybe 50 or 100 people.  I mean, I know that San Diego is a major city (as opposed to Wayne, NJ), but with as crammed and congested as Northern NJ is, I figured the crowds would be comparable.  Not so much.  It was overwhelming.  People were grabbing multiple $3 coffee makers and $10 crock pots.

Eric and I managed to do pretty well in Old Navy (where there was a line and a bouncer/doorman – REALLY???) – Eric moreso than I, but still.  Unfortunately I grabbed a pair of $15 jeans…in the wrong size.  A few sizes too small – but a size I once was.  So after some debating and advice-asking…I think I’m going to keep them.  I mean, I’m already working out more and trying to get on some sort of health-kick.  So if I keep the jeans, it could work as inspiration.  I should hang them on the wall – like a little “You Can Do It!” shrine.  Or…maybe not.  That’s kinda weird.

I wasn’t able to get any of the things I wanted to get for my nephews – so I just ordered them online tonight and am having them delivered to my mom’s house.  It just seems easier that way.  Rather than me trying to wrap and ship and all that crap.

Also per my usual Thanksgiving tradition – I got sick.  I started feeling it on Wednesday – congestion and coughing.  By Thanksgiving day that progressed to aches and chills.  Of course, I don’t know if the aches are from being sick, or all the working out I’ve done lately.  Regardless, I’ve barely left my bed since getting back from Black Friday shopping.  I may go out tonight, just for lack of anything to do – too much lying around makes me twitchy.  Even though Eric thinks lazy days are a good thing every once in a while…I’ve been feeling nothing but guilty.  Haven’t done nearly all the chores and errands that I’ve needed to.

I did manage to leave the house today to get my nails done and eyebrows waxed.  HELLO.  I might be a sick, lazy, depressed mess, but I can’t look like a COMPLETE disaster while being that mess.

Oh jeez, and that’s another blog topic that I’ve been pondering lately.  For another time, though.


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