Long lay the world, in sin and error pining.

People, I am up to 926 holiday songs on my computer AND COUNTING.  I bring the festive like no one else.  Everything from the old-school classics, punk covers, half-hearted sugar-coated pop fluff, amazing a cappella tunes – I love it all.  Mostly.  Except maybe for Katy Perry’s atrocious rendition of White Christmas.  OUCH.

The other night, Eric and I put up some lights around the living room, sat and watched Rudolph while drinking Pink Squirrels.  Pink Squirrels take me back to my childhood – yeah, whatever, I was 4 and drinking booze, STFU.  I AM HARDCORE, YO.  No, seriously, back in the day when I was a little girl, my family used to host these Christmas dinners, where 20-40 members of our extended family would come for dinner.  I remember the year I got the 2XL and my cousins and I played the games on it for a while.  And since the damn game took 8-track tapes (OMG), we eventually popped in The Salsoul Orchestra’s Christmas Jollies.  Apparently, during the holiday season, they used to play Salsoul Christmas tracks at Giants Stadium during the games.  My dad LOVED these tracks, somehow found out who it was, and hence a family tradition was born.

During the Christmas dinners, my dad would make Pink Squirrels. Same as the recipe that I linked above, except with ICE CREAM.  So we had a sweet, froofy drink with ice cream in it?  You know my little, chubby 4 year old self was not about to be denied that goodness.  It might be possible that the first time I was drunk/buzzed was when I was before kindergarten.

A few years ago I had googled around to see if I could find the recipe for the drinks.  At this point, the huge Christmas dinners are long gone.  We haven’t done that in years – as my aunts, uncles, great-grandparents, etc. all passed on, the tradition seemed to die as well. Other relatives moved far away.  Everyone got older, the cousins had families of their own.  It happens, it’s life.

But Pink Squirrels bring me right back to feeling super festive.  And NO, it’s not just the booze.   It’s just a happy feeling, clinging on to a little piece of my childhood memories, while creating new traditions as I get older.

In mere weeks, Eric and I will be flying to Seattle.  We’re spending Christmas there, doing our own thing.  Neither of us have ever been there before, neither of us know anyone there.  This will be the first major trip that we take that doesn’t involve seeing either of our families.  It’s going to be interesting, and exciting, and fun.  No pressure, just us.  I’ve already done some research on places to go to, and Eric even talked to a couple from Seattle who came into the restaurant he works at.  We’ve gotten a ton of ideas and suggestions.  Hopefully we’ll be able to fit it all (or most of it) into one week.

Of course, any additional suggestions are always welcome.

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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