As the shoppers rush home with their treasures

When I’m feeling overwhelmed with tasks, I tend to shut down and do nothing.  It’s a bit odd, as emotionally and mentally overwhelmed as I get (pretty damn often), I am usually able to plug on through.  It’s the To-Do list that gets to me.

Right now I’m thinking of Christmas gifts.  I just ordered one for Eric.  Originally we were kinda thinking, OK, no gifts, because of our upcoming trip to Seattle.  And we’ve tried doing this before, where we try to keep things lean.  And it never works out.  So I just ordered something for Eric that he hasn’t asked for, but I think that he’ll like.  Plus I’m sure there will also be lots of impulse buying in Seattle that will count as gifts as well!

Just trying to think of what to get him was tough.  So I’m kinda going out on a limb here that he’ll like it.  I’m so terrible at getting gifts.  I ordered the gifts for my nephews back east last week.  They’ve been shipped out.  The rest of us are not really exchanging gifts because money’s just too tight this year.  Plus none of us can really think of what we want.

So I guess that’s off the list.

Now I just have to think of the rest of the week and time leading up to the trip.   I have to get all my beautification rituals taken care of before the weekend.  Mani, pedi and eyebrow wax.  This weekend is my company’s holiday party (Saturday), and then we also have Eric’s company party (Sunday).   Oh…crap.  I have to get a couple of White Elephant exchange gifts for my company’s party.  Usually we have a limit of $20 or $25, but then management throws in a couple rad gifts.  That’s how I got my iPhone, actually.

So I guess “get presents” is sorta back on the list.

Then I need to make a list and figure out what I’m bringing on this trip to Seattle.  Double check the weather (cold and rainy, I’m guessing).  My mom sent out a package with one of my old winter coats in it.  I hope that makes it here before I leave.  Or else I guess I have to add “buy a winter coat” to the list.  I have to plan outfits – mostly casual, but at least one nice outfit for going out to a nice dinner.  I may need an extra suitcase for my shoes.  GEEZ.

See, just as I’m sort of talking to myself about this in my blog, I’m getting all overwhelmed.  Lists! Packing! Errands!  I think our old roommate is going to be in town while were gone, and she may be staying here.  But I’m not 100% certain.  I should probably check with Eric on that.

Then I have to make sure that everything that I take care of at work is, um, taken care of.  I need to let the other branch office know that I’ll be out.  I have to make sure that I have envelopes stuffed and ready for payroll while I’m gone.  I have to mail out the company holiday cards and get the client gifts ready to go out.  I’ll have to find out what’s going to happen with job postings and what-not.  I’ll check my voicemail once a day, and I always can check my emails via my phone, and I’ll have my laptop with me.  Being that it’s the end of the year, there shouldn’t be too much going on.  But still, I’d feel unbelievably guilty if something went down while I was gone that I didn’t know about.

I’m also trying to go out and be social.  I went out Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week.  I’ve actually been trying to cut back, but right now, I’m feeling like I should just give myself a free pass.  I should be festive and merry with my friends.  So I’m trying to do that, even on the days when I want to hide.

I’m so looking forward to this trip.  Just an opportunity to kick back with Eric.  No rules, no agendas, just…whatever we want.  Sightseeing!  Relaxing!  Being karaoke rock stars in a new city!  Drinking coffee and writing in a little cafe!  It’s going to be so awesome!

I just have to make it through until then…

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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