Can I register for…socks?

As much as I’d like to think that this is not going to become a “Bridal Blog” – let’s face it, I’m going to end up talking about it.  Quite a bit.  Something odd happens when you’re engaged.  Or at least when I’m engaged.  I get all caught up in it.  I’m thinking of songs to play, color schemes, flowers…

Seriously, when did I start caring about this crap?  I guess when I finally got engaged to the person that I’m truly supposed to be with.  (Full disclosure:  I was engaged once upon a time.  I broke it off.)

What I’m realizing is that I want this to be AWESOME.  I want it to be partially unique, partially traditional, and more than anything else, a celebration of love and friendship.  I want it to be perfect for both myself and Eric – reflecting both of our personalities.  I want it to be FUN.

I want this to be easy and not a lot of work.  Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to go down that way.

I am heading back to NJ in March to meet up with the fam, to discuss financials and all that stuff.  I need to find out what we’re working with before we can start planning.  I mean, is our wedding going to be some 5-star Four Seasons shit, or is it going to be catered by Taco Bell?  I need to know these things!  Of course, being in San Diego, I KNOW better than to cater from The Bell.  Pffft.  I’d go with Santana’s, no doubt.  *wink*

But what has been on my mind a lot the past few days is REGISTERING.  Seriously, I need a checklist.  It’s overwhelming:  What do you need when you start your married life with someone? Quite honestly, I don’t think we need to register for china.  We don’t even have a dining room in our current place – no sense in getting fancy plates.  However, a new set of everyday dishes would be AWESOME.

I logged onto Macy’s website and just started browsing.  Just to get some ideas in my head.  I want a rice cooker.  REALLY BADLY.  I want to learn how to make sushi and little cute rice balls (for my bento box lunches, of course)!  And I want this.  Seriously.  A pink mixer, people.  To me, that just screams adorable girlie domesticity!

The sad part, is that I seriously cannot cook.  But if I had that mixer, I’d LEARN.  I’d make COOKIES, and then send some to all of you.  Maybe.  Depending on how many people actually read this blog.   I think I’m at about 3 people, so I should be okay to hook you up with some chocolate chip cookies.  That hopefully will not be so overcooked that they’re inedible, nor so undercooked that you get salmonella. I promise, I’ll try my best.

I also want a crock pot.  I have no idea how to use one.  I fear crock pots, actually.  Um, turn on some electronic heater-upper device and LEAVE IT ALONE IN THE HOUSE?  My home is old…as in the complex was built in the 1930s.  I don’t use the built-in-the-wall heater because it scares me.  I’d hate to leave the house in the morning, thinking “YUM! That beef stew is going to be DELISH tonight!” and then come home to NO HOUSE.  All because the crock pot exploded due to some electrical glitch and flying, flaming meat and potatoes and carrots burnt my house to the ground.

I’m paranoid, yes.

It would probably help if we had a bigger place.  Right now it’s just not feasible and there’s stuff all over the place.  The house currently acts mostly as a catch-all for our crap.  I’d love to have storage that doesn’t involve stepping OUTSIDE the house.  I do what I can to keep the house as tidy as possible.  I dust and sweep around everything.  I clean the bathroom on a semi-regular basis.  I mop the kitchen and bathroom floors on occasion.  But I don’t feel like I’m particularly good at it at all.

I want to be, though.  There is this part of me that just wants to be the Little Happy Homemaker.  I honestly have no idea where the urge came from.  But I want to be good at cooking and cleaning and entertaining and all that stuff.  Is that weird of me?  Is that too 1950s?

Eh, I don’t care if it is.

But I really do want to know if it’s okay to register for socks.  Because honestly, it’s something I need, and will continue to need in the future.  I have socks in my drawer that I’ve had since COLLEGE.  In the 90s.  So, it could be a practical gift, right?  Kinda like how mixers (even pink ones) are practical…?

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5 Responses to Can I register for…socks?

  1. Toni Bradley says:

    That’s awesome that you’re getting into the wedding spirit! And I wouldn’t mind a few of your cookies!! If you ever need some baking tips, let me know! As for registering for socks..perhaps for your bridal shower..but for the actual wedding registry all those things you mentioned such as the rice cooker, crock pot and every day dishes is perfect! Add things that both of you can use and that are for the house. Stuff that might be too pricey for you to get otherwise (hee hee) and the socks..guess I know what I’m getting you for your bridal shower! LOL I know your wedding is going to be wonderful..try not to over think things–that’s what I’m trying to do and ask Erin for some tips as well since she just went through the whole process recently! You and Eric are so cute together and I’m uber-happy that you two will soon be husband and wife!! We love you both mucho!!


  2. Sometimes E and I joke about registering at Target just so we can get the stuff we need that we’re too poor to afford. heh

    I would love some of your cookies! I will almost always consent to being a food guinea pig. And fyi, I underbake my cookies by about 30 seconds to a minute so they stay soft and yummy (I hate hard cookies) and no one has died yet! 😀

  3. Kat says:

    Nobody should NOT register for socks. I need new socks all the time, I am slightly suspicious that my dryer eats them as a snack….

    & Pink Mixers are awsome. Now i want one too.

  4. Erin says:

    Ha! We DID register at Target (and Macy’s). Not everyone can afford the more expensive stuff.

    You’re going to do fine – it’s really fun when you start getting into it. Something that really helped me was going to and utilizing all their (free!) tools.
    Love you, lady!

    • meredithelaine says:

      Erin and Toni – thanks for the encouragement! I’ll be looking to you guys for advice and whatnot, that’s for sure!

      Rhonda – DO IT. I will totally buy you guys a gift AND send you cookies!

      Kat – I KNOW, right? Apparently KitchenAid has a whole array of pink cooking gadgets: “Cook For The Cure” is the name of the line. SO SO AWESOME. I don’t know if Eric would be 100% on board with all pink appliances, though. 🙂

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