Forgive me, but in the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve sifted through probably 500 resumes

As some of you know, I work for a staffing agency that specializes in a particular niche.  Sometimes I recruit for Administrative/Office positions within those areas we specialize in.  I recently had placed an ad online for an Admin position I was working on.

Some of the responses make me want to cry.

The position I advertised for would be responsible for phones, filing and data entry.  More of a entry-to-mid level position.  But still, the company wants someone with a strong work ethic, someone who is detail oriented and strives for accuracy in their work.

I got an email response this morning.  The subject line says, “FW: attention Celeste“.  Um, who is Celeste?  Last I checked, my name was Meredith.

This tells me a few things:

This candidate pretty much just copy/pasted (or forwarded, given the FW: in the subject line) an email she wrote to someone else and sent it to me.  She has probably done this for EVERY RESUME that she sent out.  Yes, applying for jobs is tedious and time-consuming, but seriously.  You need to actually make an effort.  Try a little, folks.  That detail-oriented stuff I’m looking for?  Not so much with this candidate.  Just in the subject line alone, I can tell that this candidate either doesn’t know her way around computers/email very well, or she’s just lazy.

But WAIT, there’s MORE!

The email continued as follows.  Seriously.  I copy/pasted directly from what I was sent.

I currently work for a financing company Down Town. My job responsibilities involves intering correct data into our systems for members of the comapny, handle phone calls as well as filing and other office duties. I have good computers skills and can type at least 35-45 wpm.  I have over two years expierience and am a quick learner who works well under pressure and enjoy learnign new challenging things. I feel I would be a good employee to your services bases on my expierience and the information I can also learn from your company as well.

WOW. WOW. WOW.  Not only incorrectly spelled words all over the place, but grammar and usage errors galore.

Look, I get that not everyone is a walking dictionary.  But guess what?  In this day and age, there’s this thing called SPELL CHECK.  The economy and job market both SUCK right now, and everything can and will be held against you.  Spell check, proofread (for grammar, etc.) and have someone else read over it as well.

In everyday usage (emails to friends, texting, etc.), it’s not as big an issue. I’m not going to get all Grammar Police on you when you only have 140 characters on Twitter.  But when applying for jobs, you better be on point.  I will take you out of the running SO FAST if your resume is littered with errors.  If you use chatspeak in your cover letter, you are DONE.  If you can’t spell where you live or what you do, I’m not even about to give you a chance.

And I’m just a low-level, relatively inexperienced recruiter.  Imagine how a hiring manager or HR Director would react.

A few years ago, I came across a resume that had tons of errors.  This candidate had gone to school to be a Medical Assistant, and she listed on her resume all the courses she took and skills she had.  She misspelled PHLEBOTOMY.  You know, the term for when they stick a needle in you and take your blood?  Um. Now, it’s certainly not an easy word to spell (full disclosure: I had to double check the spelling).  But this candidate supposedly went to school to learn how to do this.

I’m sorry, but if you can’t spell it, I don’t want you doing it to me.

I hate when work stuff does this to me – makes me all cranky and rant-y and REALLY PEOPLE GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER-y.  I hate the business world, honestly.  I hate the idea of suits and being business-appropriate and all that stuff.  But it’s the way it is.  Which is why I keep my worlds (“work” vs. “real”) separate.  I like to watch crappy reality TV, get drunk and sing karaoke.  I like to go grocery shopping with Eric and obsess about my upcoming wedding.  I enjoy being silly and cheesy and, well…ME.

However, I love my job.  For the most part (teehee).  I like helping people get jobs.  It’s very rewarding and makes me feel good to help people out.  But the reality of it, is that recruitment is also a business in which we are paid by our clients to find the people for the job.  Clients want the best; it’s my job to give them the best.  So I’m going to send my clients the candidate who is qualified – all around.  The entire package.  The person who has shown to me that they WANT the job.

And that starts by not handing me some half-assed excuse for an application.  The market is flooded with people who need a job.  And my heart hurts for all of them.  But that also means that I am not going to scramble to just hand my clients a “C-” candidate, when I can SURELY find them an “A” candidate.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’m going to enjoy a relaxing night in and rest up for whatever fun and shenanigans await me this weekend.

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3 Responses to Forgive me, but in the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve sifted through probably 500 resumes

  1. This gives me hope that maybe I’ll be able to find a job when I get home. lol

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