And now, another episode of MeredithElaine’s craptastic poetry!

i want the gap that i used to have

i wish so hard to feel the keyboard under my skin

viewing strangers’ pictures causes me to dream

of when i was so close

pining for the feeling of floating

too much idle time

to fill (in the wrong ways)

reverse me, rewind me

compress me, bind me

aching for perfection

half-assing it all the way

recreate me into someone beautiful

my eyes don’t deceive me

mirrors, numbers, charts and graphs

i’m adding it up

it doesn’t compute

adding, not subtracting


anger and non-acceptance

complacent in laziness

but still dreaming

i crave…

aging ungracefully

shouting to be the loudest

the best in my strengths

to distract from my weaknesses

at arms length

swaying fleshy

i wish i was you

why are you caring

for an undeserving

once upon a time

i thrived on less

why can’t i go back?

About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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