My quest for karaoke glory continues.

Yep, I’m officially in the finals of the yearly Karaoke Entertainer of the Year contest!!  Finals are on Sunday, June 13th, once again at Harrah’s Rincon.

In 2008 – I qualified in Top 40, and won in that category.  But did not win the Grand Final.

Last Year – I qualified in R&B, and did not win in that category.  The competition was shortly after Michael Jackson’s death, and the guy who won in R&B moonwalked and crotch-grabbed his way to victory.  No kidding.

This Year – we shall see!  I went back to the Top 40 category this year.  My fellow Zone 2 (there are 3 Zones for this contest here in San Diego) finalists were so diverse in their song choices.  It was actually a great mix.  And the contestants that I met were REALLY nice, so it’ll be cool to see them again next month.

The semi-finals for the Oldies category are tomorrow (at The Caliph).  Eric qualified in that category, so I think we’re going to head down there tomorrow so he can compete.  It would be REALLY rad if we BOTH got into the finals.  More of an excuse to round up a posse to come and party that day.

I think tickets for the finals go on sale soon.  They’ll probably be around $12 again.  Should anyone feel so inclined that they want to go cheer us on, let me know…

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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