Victory is mine, and progress is progress

On Thursday, I had my fitting for my dress.  I had no idea how far in advance I should do it.  How long does it take to do alterations?  What if the dress ended up being too small?  What if they couldn’t let it out – I’d have to buy a new one!  So, with all this worry on my mind, I figured the sooner, the better.

Especially since I had originally tried on a dress in one particular size – they’d told me they’d order me one a size larger, just in case.   But then they ended up ordering me a size SMALLER.  Hello, panic, how are ya?

Well, the fitting went AWESOME.  The shoulders, bust and waist fit perfectly.  And the hips?  Need to be taken IN.  Like about 1″.


So despite the fact that the numbers on the scale have barely moved since March, all my working out and eating better, blah blah blah HAS PAID OFF.

Are there days when I’m not 100% on point, diet and exercise-wise?  Of course. More than there should be, quite honestly.  But overall, I’ve been trying to really improve.  Working out 3-6 days per week.  Eating better and eating less.  Not going out as much.  Yes, I’ve gotta live and have fun, but I also have to make SOME sacrifices.  I may have to start making more.  It just is what it is.

I wish SO badly that I could post pictures of me in my dress.  But for obvious reasons, I can not.  However, I did see a dress in David’s Bridal that I thought would look SO cute on my mom.  She’s TEENY.  Like 5’1″ teeny.  But I think the dress in the middle of this picture would look REALLY good on her:


A potential Mother Of The Bride Dress?

A potential Mother Of The Bride Dress?



I asked my mom (during our epic 2-and-a-half hour conversation on the phone today) if she would at least take the picture to David’s and try on the dress.  I mean, obviously, she has to pick a dress that she likes and feels comfortable in.  I personally have no qualms either way what she wears.  But I just think this dress is really pretty.  She does too, and agreed to try it.

As for my bridesmaids (of which there are 3), as long as they are in the right color, I don’t care what dress they choose.  They are all different people, and have different bodies and different budgets.  They should be able to wear a dress they feel comfortable in and that they actually LIKE.  I really couldn’t give a crap if they aren’t all matchy-matchy.  Every bride is different, and every wedding is different.  Mine is going to be on the more casual side, so eh…I just think there are bigger fish to fry, ya know?


Speaking of worry – we finally booked the honeymoon today.  We’re going to The Bahamas.  So pretty, and SO expensive.  But after discussing it with Eric, we decided that it’s totally worth it.  To have the experience of going somewhere so awesome that we’ll probably never be able to go to again, and to have those sorts of memories…it’s totally worth it.

Meanwhile, earlier today I was watching Four Weddings, and I started weeping.  Like, SERIOUSLY.  Watching some show where chicks go to each other’s weddings, and vote as to which one they like the best. And I’m all “WAAAAAH, OMG IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND I’M GETTING MARRIED!!”  *sob*

Don’t get me wrong, I’m WAY psyched about the wedding, and of course, being Mrs. McClanahan (WHEEE!), but the random moments when I am just a sappy pathetic DORK about it…sheeeeesh.

Maybe it’s just PMS.

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5 Responses to Victory is mine, and progress is progress

  1. rhi says:

    ❤ love you mer!

  2. Sonya says:

    how can I dye dryer lint lavender/lilac and weave it into a fuzzy coulattes jumper?

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