Adventures in do-gooding!

Today, I participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K.  Hell NO, I did not run, but I walked.  And walked.  Through the park and onto the freeway (they shut down the northbound lanes).  All to support a great cause.

And I’m doing the Alzheimer’s Walk on Saturday.  For those of you keeping track at home, that’s 10K in one week.  The hardcore fitness people can feel free to laugh in my face, but to me, that seems like a lotta fucking Ks.

Anyway, the last time I did the Making Strides walk was 2 years ago.  Earlier this year, I did the MS Walk, and even then I noticed a difference in my endurance and ability to handle all that walking.  Hovering about 20-30 pounds lighter than I was during that first walk 2 years ago, having started some fitness regimens and whatnot…there was definitely a decrease in pain/discomfort, and a decrease in my crankiness.

Now, let it be known that today is one of the, oh 5-7 days out of the year that it actually RAINS in San Diego.  Yes, today we trudged along (25,000 of us) in the mist, which progressed to a drizzle, which progressed to an actual bonafide light rain, and then eventually trickled back down to a drizzle.

I predict that I’ll have a really bad cold in about a day or two.  I’ve already tried to prevent this by taking some extra Vitamin C.  We’ll see if that actually helps.

One thing I also forgot about these walks is that crappy part of them is not the walking itself.  It’s the crowds and the waiting.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic that 25,000 people went out to walk today.  I love when people support good causes.  But it fucks with the logistics – Where on earth will we find PARKING? 2 years ago, we had to park approximately 5K away from the 5K.  This year we were a bit luckier.  Only a few blocks away.  But we got there early, so then all we could do was WAIT.

So we waited, and tried to find the rest of our team that we were walking with.  We went to the “refreshments” area, to get the free grub that they pass out to all the walkers.  I took a mini-muffin, a mini-Luna bar and a banana.  ONE OF EACH.  I saw more than one 80s-neon-color-clad, skinny-jeans wearing college kid STUFFING their backpacks with handfuls upon handfuls of the snacks.  I thought that was kinda poor form, but maybe that’s just me.  Save some crappy tasting organic peanut butter bars for the other 24, 999 of us, will ya???

Also, I tend to forget that I screwed up my sciatic nerve about 9 years ago.  It’s gotten to the point where it rarely acts up.  But a lot of standing around tends to aggravate it a bit.  So pair the standing around with the chilly, rainy weather, and my lower back was already hurting.  But it wasn’t so bad that it hindered my stride.  It was actually the sheer volume of walkers that hindered my stride.

So I wasn’t speed walking, but at least I was walking.

By about 4.5 out of 5K, I’d say, I’d just about had it.  At this point, my back was starting to bug me a bit more, I looked like a drowned rat, and I was just…done.  We finished the walk, and decided we were going to get breakfast at Denny’s.  Because, you know, with all the healthy walking we just did, we have to restore balance to the universe.  Just a few more blocks to the car….just a few more…

We finally get to the car, and as I get in the car, a pain so intense decides to shoot through my lower back and up my spine.  I am frozen in place, half in the car, half outside the car, majority of my weight balanced on my hands.

It took quite a long time, and quite a bit of whimpering, to get fully into the car.

I survive the trip to Denny’s, and forget, at least for a little while, about my spasming back.  At this point, I am also so hungry that I am delerious, so the thoughts running through my head of  PAINPAINPAINOMG, were replaced with BACONEGGSHASHBROWNSTOASTCOFFEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

Then I finished my breakfast.   And I was all full and sadfaced.  And kinda regretting eating all that bad-for-you crap.  And then I remembered the pain in my back.  So now, I’m all PAINPAINOMGTHEFATTHECALORIESOHMYSTOMACHHURTSANDDIDIMENTIONMYBACKOWWWWWW.

So we get home, and I take a long, hot shower.  During which I decide to clean the bathtub.  So I am spritzing CLR on the tiles, on the fixtures, and basically all over the tub, then HUNCHING OVER and scrubbing everything with a brush, then wiping everything with a sponge.  While in the shower, conditioner in my hair, and back spasming like crazy.

Because I may be an idiot, but at least I’m an efficient one.

Of course, there’s this stuff…crud or something, along the window of the bathroom and a few other areas.  I think it may be mold.  I’m not sure; I mean, it’s not like I’m Mrs. Good Housekeeping or anything.  Plus, my complex was originally built in the 1920s, so it’s may not even be my fault.  It could be just…mold and crud due to AGE.


So I took a nice hot shower, and then dug through my stash of leftover prescriptions, to find the painkillers from my neck injury that occurred while attempting to host a karaoke night.  Did I ever blog about that?  Long story short – karaoke hosting is HARD.  I was petrified and stressed out and was all tense, and as a result, screwed up my neck to the point where I couldn’t move it.  I was convinced I had meningitis.   I made  a trip to Urgent Care and walked out with a SHIT TON of painkillers and muscle-relaxers.

Luckily, my karaoke-induced-injury healed somewhat quickly, so I didn’t have to take all the meds.  So I saved them.  You know, for a rainy day.

Such as today.

Can you tell I took one already?

Tomorrow I have to hand in my application for insurance – my company is apparently, maybe, getting a group plan.  I also have an appointment to get my passport, AND an appointment with my caterer for the wedding.  So I have to fill out paperwork and forms and try and appear to be an organized adult.

While feeling like I’m melting into my furniture.

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