A mass kidnapping and 3 husbands

That’s what my dreams were about last night.

I had a very vivid nightmare that involved a mass kidnapping from the local bar.  A ton of us were kidnapped and taken to a house, which appeared to be quite small, but had a huge bathroom with multiple stalls (like at the mall, for example).  But I remember there being a huge line for the bathroom.   And I remember thinking Why isn’t anyone using their cellphone to call/text/Facebook that we are all kidnapped?!?!?? Then I thought, Well maybe I should do it myself.  I kept starting to send a text, but I got so nervous that I was going to get caught and they’d slash my neck, that I never did.

So much for being a hero, even in my dreams.

After that, I had a dream that I was marrying Drake.  One would think that I would be THRILLED by this, since I think he is a fantastic rapper, not to mention being HOT.  But apparently I was not happy, because I broke up with him via twitter.   I am a classy broad.

Then I had flashes of almost being married twice more, to 2 different Indian men.  Not at the same time, but two separate occasions.  Honestly,  I think that I watch way too many wedding shows.  One of the ones I watched this weekend did feature an Indian couple having a traditional ceremony.   So I think that translated over to my dream.  In this part of my dream, I was wearing an elaborate sari and was having henna designs put on me.   I don’t remember how I broke up with either of these dudes, though.  But I remember there being a REALLY annoying wedding planner.

I guess even in my sleep, in my subconscious, I know that I’m truly supposed to be with Eric.

About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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