I would like a tutorial on being a functional, social adult.

I would like to know how people pull it off.  Work all day and then decide to go out… on a fucking TUESDAY or some shit.  Let’s do dinner!  Let’s do drinks! Let’s (insert random social activity here)!


Like, am I the only one who wants to collapse in a heap at the end of the day and not do a damn thing besides cry and/or sleep?  How are you people not exhausted?  SERIOUSLY, share with me your secrets of being able to do it all, because I can barely keep my head above water.
FUN?  What the hell is that?  I’m just trying to survive most days.  If I do have a moment of…fun (besides on a weekend night or occasional Thursday night)…I often regret it.  I wake up the next day, exhausted.  And usually, karma smacks back at me with a day from hell.  So, I’m left thinking DAMMIT IF ONLY I’D GONE TO BED AT 730PM AND BEEN SEMI-WELL-RESTED!!!

I’m trying to reconcile the fact that I’m 35 with the fact that I get bored easily but I’m also depressed and also tired and I’m trying to be a grown up and practical.  Or not.  I don’t know.  That life-balance thing?  I don’t think I’ve got it much.

Seriously, how do you all do it?


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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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1 Response to I would like a tutorial on being a functional, social adult.

  1. For the longest time, my rule of thumb has been, if I’m going out, I take a nap beforehand. Even 90 minutes worth of rest beforehand keeps some fuel in the tank later. I’ve also instituted a weekend rule of one night out, one night “off,” unless I’m playing somewhere. The key is to try and avoid ruts, y’know?

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