“It’s important for the motorcades!”

This is something I told my beloved fiance while I was high as a kite on Ambien.  I actually started of quite well, deciding that I needed to disco dance in the kitchen.  The song in my head was something along the lines of

or even better…THIS

That didn’t last long and I decided to collapse in bed.  I tell Eric that he should come and keep me company as I fall asleep.  Apparently, I was still a bit chatty, though.  I kept calling saying “Tumpin”  which is a strange take on “Pumpkin” – usually used by a slighty intoxicated or extremely sleepy MeredithElaine.  So he said to me, “Tumpin?” and I said, “Yes! It’s VERY important…for the motorcade!’  Eric asked questions to determine if this was like Cinderella and there would be  a motorcade made out of Pumpkins…I don’t think this question has been solved yet.  Which is fine, since it has pretty much no baring on my wedding.

But a few nights later, I was awake from 2-4am, rocking back and forth in bed, fretting about the wedding.   So many things need to be squared away and figured out…and they’re just not.  Granted, I’m not the best at being direct with people and asking questions.  But when I DO ask them, I’d like responses in a timely manner.  I don’t want to fret about food or decor or entertainment or anything else.  But I’m terrified that something will go terribly wrong with the meal.  What if the entertainment goes awry?  What if the white, lavender and purple tulips I order, turn out to be pink, blue and green gerbera daisies?  What is transportation becomes an issue?  I’m hoping that people all adult enough to take a cab, or have a DD or whatever the case may be. I need to figure out who needs to be where and when…and what hell they will catch if they do not arrive at the proper time coordinates.  Did everyone get off of work?  Will we have guests?

So I rocked back and forth…I do tend to tear up alot these days…but eventually drifted off.

Tonight, I’m back on the Ambien train.  It’s very hard to type something even remotely decipherable like this. Drinking Sleepytime Tea, so that I won’t be up until 10 or 11 and that  I sleep soundly through the night.

This is what I hope so badly.  Because I felt like such an achy bobblehead all day.

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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1 Response to “It’s important for the motorcades!”

  1. heh I know that Ambien freaks a lot of out people out, and for good reason I suppose, but some of the stories are just too hilarious. Like, I found this one girl’s blog and she came up with new and exciting recipes while she was on Ambien. She’d wake up in the morning to a clean or dirty kitchen and something really weird in her fridge.

    The wedding details will work out! I mean, ultimately the important people will be there: you and Eric and an officiant. 😀

    (Some big help I am, I know.)

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