It broke my heart to find out that from two opposite ends of the spectrum – we were the same.  The concerns, fears…all of it.  Manifested differently, and yet the same.  But there’s a comfort in that as well.  The pseudo secret was ours.  We understood, and we knew.  And, oh, how we both yearned to be heard and understood.  But our silent screams, our whispered pleas, barely registered to those who should have heard them the loudest.

You understood.  You got it.  You didn’t judge.  You just…cared.

And it broke my heart to know that, long ago, there were actually 2 individuals in my corner, fighting for my dream.  The dream that was squashed in favor of reality and practicality.  But 2 people saw it burning in me, the passion, the love and the talent…and did what they could.

Now, it’s too late for certain dreams to come true.  Now, too much damage has been done to be saved.

But someone out there understands and cares.

About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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