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I don’t move a lot in my sleep.  So I get stiff.  I usually fall asleep on my side and stay that way for several hours.  Then I flip onto my back and turn my head to the side and I’m like that for the next few hours.  My neck has been in agony the past several days.  And I think that I aggravated my herniated disc while scrubbing the bathroom floor at 7 this morning.

No, there was no particular reason that I was doing this.  I was just awake.  Saturday mornings are made for productivity! ERRANDS! CHORES! GYM! GOGOGO!!!!!!  Trust me, I wish I could sleep in.  But I’ve never been much of a sleep-in kinda gal. I’ve always been an early riser.  So I figure I might as well take advantage of it.

My teeth hurt too, now that I think about it.  I think that due to the stress of my job and whatnot, I’m clenching my jaw a lot, so my teeth are all super-sensitive.  So tonight I’m having a quality night in with myself, the TV, and some carefully-chosen pain and stress-relieving drugs.

I hardboiled some eggs today.  I also found a packet of madras lentils and heated them up and mixed it with some leftover quinoa.  Tomorrow’s plan is to, at some point, make some homemade tomato sauce, and attempt to make some pasta carbonara.  I like to spend at least part of my alone time on the weekends cooking (since the Hubs usually works on the weekends).  I’m trying to lessen my reliance on Lean Cuisines and the like.  I’m also trying to become a halfway decent cook so I can be a better wifey. The baked ziti I made a few weeks ago was a success.  Not the healthiest dish in the world, though.  Which is a huge conflict for me.  These days, I’m struggling really badly with cutting calories and restricting.  I want to cook, I actually enjoy it now that I’ve started, and I want to make meals that my husband will enjoy.  However, that usually means that I realistically should only be eating about 2 bites of it before I go over my calorie allotment for the day.

So my weightloss efforts…are not going so well these days.  As if they were ever going well, actually.

I’ve started upping my workouts.  In terms of frequency. I went 5 days this past week, so I’m proud of that.  Sometimes I go at 5 in the morning, because, you know, that whole early riser thing.  Sometimes after work.  I’ve tried to add some light weight training back into the mix.  Not that I want to be strong or buff or anything like that.  But I hear that it actually helps with weightloss.  And I think it might help with my crappy knees and ankles to have some more muscle supporting my joints. Or something.

Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?  No? Okay then.

My workouts are not the most intense.  I’m trying to switch things up, because I do get so terribly bored.  Whether it’s the stationary bike, a walk/jog through the neighborhood, the elliptical machine…it’s just boring. I’ve tried music, I’ve tried magazines…I just find myself bitching internally the entire time.  Just a constant inner monologue counting down the minutes until it’s OVER.  Thank god for smartphones and apps, though.  Because at least I can kill a couple of minutes playing Words With Friends or reading Bethenny Frankel’s latest book.  Anything to just make that 30 minutes END ALREADY.  I’m not really sure how to alleviate this.  I’ve tried taking a few classes at the gym in the past, but I find myself getting really bored of that as well. It really comes down to the fact that I’m a lazy fatass that does not enjoy physical activity.  For this reason, I miss the days when I could exist on a Super Big Gulp of Diet Pepsi and 1 or 2 soft pretzels.

I’ve composed a complete pointless blog post, yet again.

OH! But I do have a question!  So, I’m going to be auditioning for The Voice in August.  For the open call (first round) auditions, I have to have 2 songs prepared that I can sing a cappella.  I’m leaning towards singing something more on the pop/R&B side (as opposed to something like Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy or Muse – though if I get called back, I’d probably pick one of those as a possible option).

[Side note: I just spaced out for about 10 minutes watching YouTube videos of a cappella version of JEW and FOB songs. Really.]

So basically, I need suggestions of what my 2 preliminary audition songs should be.  Something that I can belt and show my skillz, as it were, but something that won’t sound stupid without a backing track.

Suggestions always welcome.

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