Nightmare on my street…

I hate Halloween.  This is no surprise to anyone who knows me.  However, I did dress up (as a sorta slutty 80s vampire), and partied with friends and all that good stuff, over the weekend.  But on actual Halloween…I had a crappy day.

Answering the front door, in general, makes me nervous.  People don’t really come to our house that often, so it gives me the heebie-jeebies when someone shows up unexpected.  Sneaky people.  It’s usually someone wanting to sell me something, doing fundraisers and whatnot.  For whatever reason, I had such a huge panic attack over doling out candy to mobs of children.  The first kid was dressed as a sailor, and was super-cute!  After that, it was just a blur of children.  They seriously came in packs of 10!!!!!

So, panic attack.

My sleep last night was extremely restless.  I had a continual nightmare throughout the night.  The kind when you wake up a bunch of times, and each time you fall back asleep, the dream starts up again.

I was outside and a dog came up to me.  Something like a german shepherd.  A very friendly dog, very affectionate.  Which somehow turned into a human.  Who also was very affectionate.  His name began with an M, but I don’t recall the name.  After our first meeting, M proclaimed his love to me.  Then said he had to go, and ran off into the forest.  And then turned into a wolf as he was running away.  And I freaked out.  Which is odd, since I’d already seen M as a dog, so why would a wolf freak me out?  I don’t know, but it did.

So I went home (I was living with my parents, apparently).  And they’d already received phone calls from various people (including the main doorguy from Gilly’s) about this dog/wolf/person.  I get home, and there’s a preacher sitting at the kitchen table with my parents.  The preacher was actually M in disguise!

Next scene, this M person has got me locked up in a room, wrapped up in spandex, a diaper and duct tape, and was giving me lots and lots of drugs (pharmaceuticals, not illegal), and then chopped off my legs.


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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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