I’ll have a Blue Christmas

We are in the new apartment.  Post with fun details to come soon.

However, I’ve had a cold where I sneeze continually.  It’s been 3 days now.  I may have thrown my back out from sneezing.  I’m also in Holiday Mode at work.  Which means will I label, stuff, address, stamp and send about 350 cards to be sent to clients.  We are aiming to mail them out Monday/Tuesday of next week.  Which is also a payroll week – so I will stuff and stamp another 160 or so envelopes full of checks.  Plus I need to decorate all the client gifts, stickers and bows and…

…it’s enough to suck the holiday spirit right out of me.

My work Holiday Party is this Saturday.  Friday night, Eric’s band has a show.  The following Thursday, I’m heading up to see Sam the Cooking Guy’s Livecast. Yeah, Eric and I were at an awards dinner, and that was one of the auction items.  A ridiculous amount of money later, I’m going to be meeting SAM.  I’m hoping he can impart some cooking wisdom to me. Lord knows I need it.

Week after that, Eric and I are going to Magic 92.5 Quiet Storm Live!

I already have 5 or so invites to Holiday-Type Fiestas.  I have my own small shin-dig to plan.  I have a new apartment to organize and decorate and make look like a home!  Sometime during the month, I have an appointment with my shrink to get on something not-Prozac. I should probably look up when that is.  Although, they’ll call me a few days before to remind me, so…eh. I desperately need to get my nails done and get an eyebrow wax.  I need to make an appointment  to visit my therapist at some point.  Because I’m starting to feel overwhelmed again, and kinda not-so Merry and Bright.

For now, I’d settle for just being able to breathe through my nose again, and stop coughing.


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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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