Come, they told me…

“Christmas Jollies” is a fantastic holiday album.  It’s full of disco-Christmassy delights from Salsoul Orchestra.  During the Christmas season, my family would bust out the 8-track, and pop it into my 2-XL, and listen to it as we watched the Yule Log on TV on Channel 11.  We also had an actual fire going in the fireplace as well.

How did my childhood living room become so Studio 54-esque?  My dad, back in the day, was a hard core Giants fan.  He went to a lot of games.  I even remember coming along as a little girl.  But they used to play these songs, over the loudspeaker at Giants Stadium.  My dad knew someone who worked there, or something, and asked what were these super festive songs that were playing?

And that’s how Salsoul Orchestra became a staple in my home.

Just a random story for you, without much of a point.  As I do.


Tomorrow, I am super-stoked, because I am meeting Sam The Cooking Guy.   As I mentioned in my last post, Eric and I won an auction, and now we get to attend Sam’s Livecast. He does a webcast, 3 days a week, which is live (hence LIVEcast), and then later available for download on iTunes (just sayin’).  So yeah, tomorrow, I’ll be there. 6pm Pacific Time.  During which I’m sure I’ll find some way to epically embarrass myself.

Never mind my social anxiety.  I’ve met a few famous people (mostly bands) in the past, and I ALWAYS, ALWAYS end up coming across as such a dork. Like, moreso than the people in my life know me to be.

And I really am a fan of Sam.  I dig his show, I dig his Livecast.  I never used to like cooking shows, but now I watch a lot of them, in hopes that I’ll somehow learn to cook via osmosis.  What I like about Sam is that he’s not a chef, really, but a guy who likes to make yummy stuff, in a relatively simple manner.

That, and he’s funny.

I’m pretty psyched.

…and I just totally went all ADD and started looking up weird house songs from the early/mid 90s on YouTube.  For, like, a half hour.

Clearly a sign to wrap up this blog post.


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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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