All is quiet on New Years Day

Happy New Year.

I guess the holiday season is winding down.  I’m almost happy about that.  I spent so much time being stressed out and a little bit on the depressed side.  Also, between doing stuff for work, moving, as well as cooking and preparations for Christmas Day festivities – well, I was busy and overwhelmed, quite honestly.

So, if things return a bit to the quieter side, well, let’s just say that I’m not going to be weeping openly about that.

But still, the holidays did have their lovely aspects.  My first Christmas as Eric‘s wife.  Christmas Day spent with friends.

Speaking of Christmas Day – our theme ingredient this year was BACON.  Because bacon is freakin’ awesome.  I even got Eric a t-shirt for Christmas, proclaiming “Bacon Is Meat Candy“.   The internet was scoured for bacon-tastic recipes.  A few of the big winners of the day were:

BLT Pasta

Holiday Bacon Appetizers


And of course -Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – these were my creation.  Pretty much a basic sandwich, but with 4 cheeses.  I recommend:

I found that using 1 slice of bacon, cut in half, worked well for each sandwich.  But hey, you might want MORE BACON, OMG! Do what works for you.



Of course, Frosty the Cheeseball made another appearance:



One of my friends even made Bacon Roses.  They were way too pretty to eat.  We thought they were real flowers at first!

Purrrrty Bacon Roses

Purrrrty Bacon Roses

Per tradition, my parents sent me a box of petit fours from The Swiss Colony, so I brought those as well.  I giggled when I opened the box:

Look closely...teeheehee

Look closely...teeheehee

(also in the above picture – the Pickles In A Blanket that were a huge hit last year)

Christmas was very tasty indeed.

After having been in go-go-go, run-run, run mode for the past month or so…I’m tired.  So I am spending some quality time on our new couch.  We’ve spent the past month without one, since we discarded the old one when we moved.



Perfect for TV watching, internet surfing and general laziness

Perfect for TV watching, internet surfing and general laziness


Also great for chillin' with a beer and checking VERY important messages.

Also great for chillin' with a beer and checking VERY important messages.


Though I went out last night for New Years (dinner at Apertivo and ended the night at Gilly’s), I am spending the first day of 2012 very quietly.  Slept in, did some laundry and other chores, hung out with the Hubz, and then once he left for work, I just kept myself firmly planted on the couch.  I’ll probably turn in early.

And I’m completely okay with that.


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