I believe…oooohweeeheeeeeee….

JHud’s transformation is amazing and inspiring.  What is not amazing and inspiring is the vocals in this commercial.  Both vocals, separately, are very good.  But as a duet, it’s all off.  There’s something about the timing of their singing…I get that it’s her singing with a hologram of her (old) self.  But man, review the tape and figure something out!  It’s just off beat and pitchy to me.

But hey, she’s the recording star and award winner.  I’m just a shlub who sings karaoke on the weekends. What the hell do I know?  *wink*


I have joined Weight Watchers.  A friend of mine and I joined together.  I personally don’t think she needs to lose anything, but if she does, it’s certainly a hell of a lot less than me.  But it’s nice to have a partner in crime on this venture.

I’ve actually done Weight Watchers in the past, and have been very successful. My problem comes in sticking to it long-term; in other words – maintenance.  I get comfortable and lazy and I think that I can just go back to my old ways.  Before you know it – 10, 20, 60 pounds has piled back on me.

Pair that with my history of disordered eating – binging, purging, fasting, etc. – and it’s just a cycle of endless trips up and down the scale.

I want this madness to end.  I want to find balance.  I want to be able to say yes to the right things, and no to the wrong ones.  I want to maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating, while giving myself permission to indulge every once in a while.  Maybe being older (hello, 36 and 1/2, how are ya?) and wiser (ehhhh, debatable) will give me the ability to accomplish this.

As I’ve illustrated in my blog over the past year or so, I’m trying to learn how to cook.  I’m hoping that while exploring various techniques (as in, not burning shit beyond recognition) and learning how to use my various cooking contraptions, I’ll come up with healthy recipes that I love, and that won’t be filled with fat and cholesterol and sodium and whatnot.  Sadly, woman can not live on BACON alone. Maybe the addition of various spices and textures will help me to be totally okay with the fact that I’m eating rabbit food, and not bacon.

I can totally do this.

I hate to be that chick who is embarking on a diet at the beginning of the New Year.  But, I’d been considering rejoining WW for a while, and there happened to  be a local meeting on New Years Eve, and my friend wanted to join too.  So it all kinda fell into place.

So far, I’m finding it easy to stick to.  I definitely have a problem with portion size and control, so I’m trying to be very cognizant of that.  Busting out the measuring spoons and cups and all that.  I go back to work tomorrow, so I’m hoping that I’ll be busy enough to not be all OMG FEED ME every 2 hours like I have been the past few days.  Being alone is a trigger for me (Me and all the food, together at last! Teehee.), as is boredom.  I’ve been exploring cooking as a hobby, but man…that can be dangerous! Oh hello, baked ziti!  Hello, tuna casserole! And of course all the, AHEM…”Quality Control” testing of ingredients along the way.  If I start playing around with healthier recipes, this could work out very well for me – both as a novice cook, and as an expert dieter (heh).

We’ll see how it goes.  Meanwhile, I am sick as a dog.  I started feeling crappy yesterday, and I’ve only gotten worse.  Lightheaded, sneezing, sniffling, all that good stuff.  It’s payroll week this week, and we lost a day due to being closed yesterday, so I’m expecting a chaotic day tomorrow. Resting is imperative, because I have no choice but to power through tomorrow.



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