I’m sure there will be a million blog posts titled “I Will Always Love You, Whitney” – add mine to the pile.

As someone who has loved music, and singing, her entire life, it’s impossible for me not to be absolutely devastated by the loss of Whitney Houston.

I grew up on her songs.  She was one of the contemporary artists that I could only DREAM of singing like. Though, truth be told, in the privacy of my childhood and adolescent bedroom, you best better believe I TRIED.  I’m sure my parents were THRILLED by my screeching.

I remember being mesmerized, also, by her look. She was beautiful and had such style. The video for “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” particularly stands out in my mind.

I wanted the dresses, the long, curly blondish-light brown hair, the earrings, and ESPECIALLY the frosty pink lipstick.  She had it all, in my eyes.

“The Bodyguard” became a huge soundtrack for my Junior/Senior years of High School.  That album was filled with HITS.  And  once I got my license, I fired up my mom’s 1989 Ford Probe, popped in the cassette, and sang my heart out.

“Waiting to Exhale” – to this day – is one of my favorite movies.   You know, today is a rare, cool and rainy Sunday here in San Diego. I may have to just curl up on the couch and watch this again.

Good grief, Whitney was even part of my days clubbin’ down the shore!  Long before (like 10 YEARS BEFORE) Snooki and the Situation were fist-pumpin’ in Seaside, I was dancing at spots like Jenk’s, Bar A, and Tradewinds (which I do not believe exists anymore):

Whitney’s music had such a presence in my life, since childhood.  Of course, in recent years, like other fallen icons, Whitney’s celebrity was more about addictions and personal drama than anything else.  Which is really a shame.  And it will be dwelled upon, and mocked.  It already has been, by many insensitive fucks who can’t even wait for a body to get cold before the jokes begin.  Jokes get made, unfortunately, that’s part of being in the public eye.  Laughs have been had at pretty much all celebrities’ expense.  It’s the way it is.  Hell, I’ve laughed.  But damn, when someone DIES – that shit needs to be shut down.  For a hot second, have some respect for the dead and their families and loved ones.

I cried last night.  A talent that I’ve admired since childhood has been silenced.

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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