I’m gonna be brief with this. I’ve got opinions. They aren’t popular, but I’m in a mood where I kinda hate everyone and really don’t give a fuck.

Bon Iver sucks.  I just…don’t get it.  Their songs are either painfully boring, or they sound like 3 1970s lite-fm songs being played at the same time.  Just an unintelligible mess.

LL Cool J did a great job as host.  That is all.

Adele sounded AWESOME.  Awesome for having throat surgery a few months ago, and just awesome in general.  Also, hearing her talk and watching her accept the awards – I think she is just about the cutest thing EVER.  And really, it’s not fair that she’s so damn pretty.  I want to know who here people are.  I want BIG ADELE HAIR.  And perfect winged eyeliner.

Foo Fighters are very overrated. And Dave Grohl’s acceptance speech rant made him sound like the most pretentious fuck ever.

The Beach Boys Tribute/Reunion – In theory, I really wanted to enjoy this.  But it seemed like there were lots of microphone technical problems.  The lead singer of Foster The People looked like a deer in headlights the whole time.  Adam Levine sounded okay, but again, technical difficulties. Really, there were just too many people on that stage.  And the Beach Boys…it made me very sad to watch. They’re the Beach Septuagenarians now, and I just don’t know how I feel about seeing that play out.

The Glen Campbell tribute/performance I was less…disheartened by.

Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt – an odd pairing.  I think either of them, separately, would have killed it. But together…eh?  SERIOUSLY?!?!  Why are the Awards Shows these days opting for random mish-mashes of artists.


(this is from the AMAs a few years back, just as another example)


See also Rihanna and Coldplay’s performance from last night.  It was the battle of who could sing more mediocre. And that pains me to say, because I do like a TON of Rihanna’s songs.  She just doesn’t always convey her awesome very well on stage.

I could see it turning out really good with the right artists, but I think it just fails more often than not.

Though I didn’t like the duet, I thought that Kelly Clarkson sounded great.  She’s one of my favorite current voices.  Taylor Swift has GREATLY improved at singing at awards shows.  I’m still not a huge fan of hers, but she sounded really good last night.

Katy Perry, however, did not.  I thought her voice had improved, until I realized it wasn’t her lipsyching ET.  When REAL Katy started singing….ah there it is.  That weird nasaly inflection.  She’s another one of those artists – I like a small handful of her songs because they’re catchy, but they HURT to listen to.

Honestly, I walked in and out of the room a lot during the Grammys; very little actually held my attention.

Chris Brown – I truly did not care whether or not  Chris was on the stage or not.  Apparently a lot of folks got very up in arms about it.  Funny, I don’t remember all this…anger…over any of his other Award show appearances/performances since the incident. Where was all the angry fist raising when he did the VMAs, AMAs or BET awards over the past few years?

I’m in NO WAY condoning Breezy’s behavior.  But, on the other hand, as a woman who has, in previous relationships, experienced different types of abuse – I can honestly say that I really didn’t care if he was going to perform or not.  It didn’t trigger me, and it didn’t make me want to protest in front of the Grammy offices. Eh, whatevs. He’s mostly going to lipsynch and do some fancy dancing. Whoop-dee-doo.  Entertaining , I guess, but there were better performances to watch, in my opinion.

Like Jennifer Hudson. Classy.  An understated version of a song that Whitney will be remembered for…probably the most.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I cried.  You best better believe I did.



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