Stick a fork in me.

I am beyond done.

I have nothing left to give.

Come tomorrow I will carry on, like I do, because that’s what I always do. But I have beyond nothing left. I am so drained.  “Fake it ’til ya make it” is more like “fake it just to get through the day.”

My right tonsil is the size of Texas – it hurts, and is making my ear hurt. I am exhausted and weary…everything seems like a huge, insurmountable effort.

I got to the office at 645am.  I was crazy busy with tons of wrenches thrown in my path (or however the saying goes).  I left the office at 415pm, because it started raining, and the San Diegans are not so good with the whole driving in the rain thing.

As a result – it took me 2 hours to go 12 miles.

People who are wise, will not ask anything of me for a while.  I just…can’t.



About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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