So, recently, YMCMB (Lil’ Wayne’s label) signed Busta Rhymes.  Then, I find out that YMCMB has also signed…Limp Bizkit and Ashanti.

I am SO on board with this, it’s not even funny.  Apparently, people are all WTF (especially in regards to the Limp Bizkit aspect).  My first thought was…wait…these are all acts that were big and had hits when I was…let’s say…between the ages of 20 and 25-ish.  Roughly.

So my thought process is like, WHOA. It’s as if my youth is coming back.  Like there’s a YMCMB Time Machine or something.

Look, I am THIRTY-FUCKING-SIX-AND-A-HALF.  Today I became acutely aware of the crows that have apparently been stomping all over my face.  So anything that makes me feel “like a kid again,” so to speak, is a good thing.  Be it a rapper that I’ve been a fan of for nearly 20 years (OY VEY), a chart-topping Nu Metal band that most folks mock these days, or a female R&B singer who is nearly indistinguishable from most R&B singers of the time (Ashanti, Brandy, Christina Millian, Mya, Amerie…).

I don’t care.  BRING IT ALL TO ME.

If it will make me feel young and spritely.  If it will make me overcome with the desire to jump on stage and dance with the cover band at a club down the shore.  If it will give me back the miraculous ability to quickly and painlessly recover from a night of too many Coors Lights.


Says the girl in sweats, on the couch, on a Friday night.

SEE? My point exactly.

Maybe I’m jumping too quickly on the nostalgia train.

But I don’t care.

About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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