IDGAF. Modern medicine is rad.

Well, after 2 weeks of Death Plague, I finally went to the Doctor.  And I got a fuckton of medicine.  I’m apparently at the “tail end” of my sickness.  But I still got 5 days worth of antibiotics, nasal spray, and…um, cough syrup.  It’s a icky green color, not purple or pink. AHEM. But whatevs.  Because this bounty of pharmaceuticals means that I’m going to feel human again.  I seriously had to write a LIST of all my symptoms to bring to my doctor, so I’d remember them all:  swollen throat, nausea, weakness, dizzyness, aches, fever, headaches, cough…you get the idea.  When it started feeling like my heart was being squeezed in a vice grip, I figured it was time.  I was afraid I had pneumonia.  But HUZZAH! I do not.

Also:  my blood pressure is NORMAL, my oxygen intake level is 100% and my resting pulse is NORMAL.  WOOOOOOT!  Other than this cold/plague, I am fucking HEALTHY.

I am realizing that I sound more and more like my Mom everyday.  Endless yammering on about my health. Heh.

But yeah, modern medicine is rad.  You prescribe it, I will take it.  Pharmaceuticals get me healthy, keep me healthy, and also help keep me on a relatively even keel.

Hopefully, I can go back to a regular weekend of normal activity, without doing the whole 1 step forward, 2 steps back thing.  It’s springtime! I want to go for my walks! I want to drink my Coors Lights and sing karaoke!

Oh, speaking of Coors Lights.  I’m thinking of starting a beer tasting blog.  Where I try other beers besides my beloved Coors Light, and describe/review them.  I think it would be fun.  One time, I went to a brewpub kind of place, and tried a local brew, and my reaction was:  “This tastes like DIRT and ANGRY.”  So, I think it would be a fun little experiment to try different ales, porters, IPAs…I don’t even know what those all are or what the difference.

Of course, this would just be another blog that no one reads. HEEHEE.

Next weekend is ONE YEAR of wedded bliss with Da Hubz.  We are celebrating by going to Vegas!  Among the plans are to go to the X Factor Audition Booth, since the closest live audition to us is in Los Angeles…next weekend.  I’d rather do fun stuff with the hubs than wait for my 30 second audition with thousands of other miscellaneous poor schlubs who won’t have a chance in hell of winning.   So I figure that’s something fun to do while on our little mini vacation.  Also hoping to renew our vows at one of those chapels.  I think that would be fun. Other than that…it’s pretty all up in the air…some gambling of course.


Any suggestions of what else to do?

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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