Crappy luck.

I found out tonight that my brother in law got laid off yesterday.  On his and my sister’s 20th wedding anniversary.  He’d had this job for…a year, maybe 2?  After having been laid off for a year or so from his previous job.  The last time he was laid off was right before he and my sis left for foreign lands to get their newly adopted son.  They added a second child to the family. Then both he and my sister were laid off.  Then they both got jobs.  They were JUST starting to get back on their feet.  My sister is apparently working 10-12 hour days, and now she’s going to have to carry even more of the financial burden.  Apparently the upstairs bathroom has a leak that is going down into the kitchen.  They have to fix it, or else the ceiling will eventually cave in.  WITH WHAT MONEY???

My heart hurts for them.  My oldest nephew is going to be 11 this year. The younger one is 4 or 5.  There are sports leagues and music lessons and after school care and all that crap to worry about.

I’m just distraught.  And then people wonder why I’m scared shitless to jump on the baby bandwagon. My sis and BIL started off doing REALLY well for themselves.  Like, the trips-to-the-islands-every-year, or maybe Europe, oh-let’s-buy-a-house-down-the-shore, trade-one-luxury-car-in-for-another, buy-a-truck-AND-sportscar, kind of doing well.  And now they’ve spent the past few years, on and off of unemployment, victim of the first-hired/first-fired sort of scenario.   They had savings to live off of. I don’t.  If any sort of misfortune befalls me, I am completely and utterly FUCKED.

And I am in NO position, whatsoever, to be remotely able to try and help my sister and her family out at all. THAT part really sucks.  They are good, hardworking people, and they are in a shitty scenario, and I can’t help.  I CAN’T FUCKING HELP MY OWN FAMILY.  The folks who have always spoiled me and picked me up off of my sorry ass…and I can’t return the favor.


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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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