It’s Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile since my last post.  And the post I started last night got eaten up by WordPress gremlins, I guess.  I don’t have much energy to write about anything, because this has been a rough week at work and I’m exhausted.

But, I recently celebrated a year of WEDDED AWESOME with Da Hubz.  We celebrated by spending the weekend in VEGAS.  He’s only been there twice, I’ve only been there once, so it was the perfect idea.  We had the best time EVER.

There was lots of this along the way:

Open road...until there was traffic.

Sure, you can fly to Vegas in about 15 minutes for about $3.50 or something like that.  But considering my crippling fear of flying, that shit was not about to happen.  So we drove.  And listened to silly playlists.

Hi from the half-way point, aka Barstow!

Then we arrived in Vegas, and there was much rejoicing! (...and drinking...)

I can’t even begin to describe the fun we had!  Most of the time, we didn’t really have a plan, we just wandered up and down the strip and stopped in to whatever casino we felt like.  I bought one of the Couture Pops from Sugar Factory, because…well, why not!  We went to Minus 5, the ice bar, which is seriously one of the coolest (heh, heh) things I’ve ever done.  I can’t embed the photo, but this is a pic of me and Eric in the bar (with a giant watermark on it of course, but whatevs).

We also auditioned for The X-Factor, at what they called The X-Factor Experience.  It was a booth that seemed like an upgraded version of one of those karaoke booths they used to have at the mall back in Jersey in the 80s:

Nifty, huh?

It was super-rad.  Lots of fun and very easy.  AND, I was very happy with how I sounded…and how I looked.  Normally I look really shitty on video, but I was not at all against what I submitted to the Executive Producers.  Do I, in fact, have the X-Factor? We will have to wait and see.  But, after many failed attempts at auditioning for various talent shows over the years, I’m certainly not delusional.  But, the most important thing is that I did it, and that I had fun.

I’m trying to think…what else?  OH, we got our fortune told by some chick on the street named Champaagne – leave in the extra A for “Awesome Psychic”, I guess?  It wasn’t anything mind-boggling, but it was fun and she was a nice lady.

I bought a giant mug (like 32 ounces) of Coors Light from a Coors Light winnebago looking thing on the sidewalk.  Eric said, “GO! You’ve found your people!”

Eric and I before a night on the town

There was a lot of video poker, and not a lot of winning.  There were a lot of frozen drinks in oddly-shaped, ginormous cups.  There was a food, fun and shot-filled trip to Dick’s Last Resort.  As we all know, I am not a shot drinker by nature, so you can imagine the aftermath of THAT adventure.  I actually didn’t puke or anything, but I had…heartburn?…or something.  It was the weirdest stabbing pain in my stomach.  My guess is that it was from the amount of acid (from orange juice and whatever crazy combination of crap I was drinking).  So, unfortunately, most of our 2nd night in Vegas was spent in bed (and not in THAT way).  Eric took good care of me until I drifted off to sleep, and then went out on his own for a bit, for whisky and video poker.

So yeah.  One year as a married broad…pretty freakin’ awesome.  I really could not be happier.   I lucked out when I found this guy.  I really, really did.

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