All my exes do not live in Texas

Recently, Eric and I took a whirlwind weekend trip to Texas, to visit his family and friends.  And it was awesome.  I have an odd love for Texas, I suppose for a Jersey Girl.

I came home looking like THIS:

Cute, right?

Hub’s family told me that I was totally Texan, now that I have the hat.  I was like “IT’S THAT EASY?????”   I find that a bit hard to believe, but I will certainly take it as a sign that I have been accepted by the fam.

Eric and I spent the day at the Montgomery County Fair, which is like nothing I’ve seen in my life!

Horseshoe Pitching!

Inflatable beer cans!

A pig on a spit!

R ickety rides that look many decades old and totally unsafe!

I did not go on the rides.  Pffft.  I think everyone else we were with went on at least some rides, except for my…Uncle-in-Law Jeff (who is younger than me, go figure), and his 11 year old daughter.  Voices of wisdom we were.

I did, however, throw darts at balloons and won:

A cute little plushy ladybug toy!!!!!

And then….there was…

The BarBeQue!!!! *cue the angels singing*

I had two servings over the course of the day.  Among the bounty that I feasted from, was:  brisket, pulled pork, chicken, sausage, ribs, bacon, potato salad, three bean salad…it was AMAZING.  Eric’s grandparents’ friends ran the booth that we were hanging out in.   There were over 100 booths competing, from what I understand.  Some of the booths had crazy themes, some had bands…it was very cool.

Until I got sun poisoning.  Yeah.  Despite my best attempts to keep myself properly SPF-ed, I end up pink in some spots, dehydrated, with chills and nausea.   I got pretty sick over the course of the evening.  Not really the way I wanted to spend my last night in Texas.  But what could I do.  I certainly didn’t want to vomit all over our friends.  Nor did I still want to feel that way when I got on the plane to fly home.

The flight TO Texas was bad enough.  The last 45 minutes of our flight was very turbulent.  I am not a good flyer on my best days.  I usually need a few cocktails and/or the support of my dear friend Xanax to make it through.  By the time the turbulence set in, my Bloody Mary’s had warn off, and I had yet to take a Xanax.  So I promptly started to cry.  Big fat tears dripping down my face, loud sniffling and hyperventilating.  My tissues were in my carry-on bag tucked in the overhead bin, which I couldn’t get to because…yeah, turbulence. We got the “sit down and stay seated” speech.  So I’m dabbing my eyes with the sleeves of my hoodie.  And blubbering unintelligible apologies to my husband, for being a burden and an embarrassment.  To which he said that it was no problem, and he was going to take care of me and keep me safe.  (He did.)  After we finally landed, some of the travelers near me were checking on me to make sure that I was okay, which I thought  was sweet.  “You don’t travel very well, do you honey.”  I said, “NO, not even on the best of days.”  They let me know that it was all over now, and I’d be okay.  Really nice people.

A few bumps (heh) aside, it was a delightful trip.  There’s something very magical about Texas to me.  I think I probably romanticize it a bit in my head.  Maybe it’s because it’s so different from Jersey.  Not that I’d EVER dismiss my Jersey roots (pfft…are ya f’n kiddin’ me??).  Maybe it’s because it’s so different from San Diego.  San Diego has been my home for the past 6 years, but I don’t know if I consider it my foreverhome.

Regardless, I do love Texas.  I love the family that I’ve gained by marrying Eric.  I love the friends that I’ve gained as well.  Next year, I want to go back for the whole week of the Fair.  I missed the petting zoo and 4H competitions, and the pageant!  Maybe, next time, I’ll actually go on one of those rickety rides.

AGH....or maybe I'll just remain on solid ground again next time.

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