You did it to yourself

I am all of a sudden feeling an overwhelming feeling.  There a lot of shit to do and I can’t even put it into little compartments or lists of things to do.  I need 3 dresses for this summer (2 for wedding, 1 for my birthday).  I have to think of what I want for my birthday (so far: glow jars, carrot cake, and biscoff spread (put on cookies? cupcakes?)…and maybe an iPad).  I want to get tan. I need clothes that actually fit me.  A sense of style would be nice, in a way that didn’t make me look like a little girl playing dress up.

I mailed out my passport to get it changed (finally) to my married name, in hopes that I can go up to Seattle and then Canada to visit my husband while he’s on tour. I’d like to be there on his birthday.

(Not to self, gotta start planning the Thanksgiving trip to Jerz to visit the fam)

And then there’s the next round of THE VOICE auditions.  They are in early August…when Eric starts his tour and Tobeylee is gone to Sturgis. LE SIGH. But I think I’m really just going  power thru, haul my ass back up to Inglewood, maybe have lunch at that DELIGHTFUL Red Lobster in the area…then come home and enjoy an evening of drankin’!

GAWD, speaking of drinking…I’m slacking on the beer blog terribly. MEHHH.  That I am upset with.  If anyone want to adopt me for an evening of “REAL BEER” – lemme know.

I’m off the Adderrall – I was only on it for about a month.  It started off so good – energy, clarity, productivity, which eventually swindled into headaches and actually feeling like my pulse was about to pop out of my body.  Folks with high BP (such as myself) need to monitor that shit.  I could just FEEL like something was wrong.   And I didn’t feel like my potential explosion was worth feeling a little more…focused, or whatever.  I’m still the queen of multitasking; ain’t no one complaining.

Still trying to loose weight. I recently reach the 5% mark – meaning I lost 5% of my initial weigh-in weight.  My chances of Type II Diabetes drops by 50% or something, just by doing that.  My changes of eating nommy pad thai on a regular basis  drops by 50% as well.

Can someone please just read my posts and make a chart of what i need to do and order them and categorize them in groups of type, priority, etc.

I am feeling overwhelmed. I don’t sleep a lot. I’m taking or Ambien than usual.  I’m about 1 hr in so far…so if my typing sucks, please for give me.  With Ambien, there’s at least a fighting chance that I’ll get up later than 1 or 2 am.  My alarm is set for 630, but most days i’m up by 530.   Between 1-5am…it’s just weird dream, wake up, obsess on work stuff, toss turn, sleep, dream….and the cycle repeats.

I’m sleepy, and slacking and will probably fall asleep on the cough, looking up youtube videos and cool things on pinterest. WOOT.

Until next absolutely enthralling time….!

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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