Hey Lush, have fun…it’s the weekend.

Life lesson:  Sushi made with brown rice is…disappointing.

I’m in a really weird place right now.  There’s fights and strife and weirdness going on for the people around me, and since I’m the unifying factor, I’m convinced that somehow it’s all my fault.  Like I’m a cosmic hex or something.  It’s altogether possible.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Linkin Park while I’m at work.  And sighing dejectedly.  Work has been kicking my ass these days. I’ve had no less than 3 “paperwork” meetings every day this week.  Meetings that many of the attendees don’t show up on time for.  Meetings that get overbooked by my colleagues because they never ask me when I’m available beforehand.  Meetings where I say the same thing, verbatim, explaining policies and procedures and what not. I get YESed and UM-HMMed to death, but then the next day, these folks are asking questions about shit I TOLD THEM IN THE MEETING.

It’s tiring.

I left the office today with stuff still left to do.  A job to post; some paperwork to print out.  I needed a manicure and an eyebrow wax, dammit.  I need a pedi too, but that’ll have to wait until Saturday morning, I suppose.  I really didn’t feel like spending 2 hours in the nail place tonight.

The more I have to talk to idiots and give the same spiel over and over again, the less I have to give to people I actually care about.  My temper is short, my patience is low.  I don’t want to talk.  I want to be quiet. I want to sit in the quiet. I want a decent night’s sleep without dreaming of wasps. Yeah, fucking BEEZ.

BWAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAA! Song is fuckin’ nutty to begin with; even MORE hilarious chopped and screwed!

Look, I will take whatever entertainment and smiles I can get at the moment.

Should I be watching the Democratic National Convention right now?  I have the VMA Pre-Show on mute.  I’ve gotten my fill of politics on Facebook.  I’m admittedly non-political.  Apathetic at best.  Moderate at most, I guess.  But honestly, all the extremism (on both sides, both Republican and Democrat) is making me care even less.  Which is probably not what either side wants, but it is what it is.  You try and shove shit down my throat, and I’m going to just ignore it all.  And I’m just going to get more annoyed with YOU as a person.  So yeah, can’t say that all the “Democrats are a bunch of idiotic hippies” and “Republicans are a bunch of clueless pigs” crap is really doing much for either cause.   I’ve been able to have political/current event-type conversations with only a handful of people in my entire life.  Too few people want to answer questions, educate and discuss.  Too many people want to preach and push.

I’m over it.  I’m over pretty much everything and everyone this week.  Thanks to the super-cali-binge-a-listic-drink-a-holic weekend, I also gained 4 pounds this week.  Clearly, I’m feeling f’n spectacular and am in the very BEST of moods.

Fuck it.  I can only hope that my Ambien will kick in soon, so I can face tomorrow semi-rested.

Can someone please cheer me up?


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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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