Every day it will rain…

Bryan Keith from Team Adam is my pick to win The Voice this season.

I kinda wish this week would have ended at Monday.  Monday was just awesome.  Well, Monday night anyway.  Me, Da Hubz, and Tobeylee went to the Honda Civic Tour.  Quite possibly one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a while.  Incubus and Linkin Park were both amazing.  Especially LP.  I’ve been a fan of theirs for, geez, 10 years now.  And sometimes you forget how much you love a band.  Then it’s like oh hello there.

Plus, the 3 of us just had such a good time!  Lots of singing, dancing, chainsmoking and booze. It was DELIGHTFUL.

And then the rest of the week happened. Which overall, wasn’t terrible. But damn.  All downhill from the Honda Civic Tour, you know?

Tomorrow, I have to be part of a presentation to a client.  Not only did have to create, edit, edit, edit and edit (some more) the packets we’re handing out, but I also have to make an appearance.  To be the token girl, I suppose.  And I’m going to have to speak about one aspect of our service.  This is supposed to be relatively casual, BUT.  Presentations are for actualfax adults who are business-y and shit.  Though I am 37, I just look at clients and think Big Bad Scary Adults.  I just hope it ends quickly, so that I can spend the rest of the day fielding phone calls and emails and then start my weekend.

I wanted so badly to grab some Coors Lights and chainsmoke the night away…or at least part of it.  But I am a responsible girl (sometimes), so I came straight home, had a fruit smoothie, some veggies, low-fat cheese and pretzel crisps, and I have taken my Ambien and am waiting for it to kick in.  I need to be on point tomorrow, not hungover.

That task is for the remainder of the weekend – teehee.

I’m going to see JJAMZ tomorrow night, which I am pretty stoked for.  I listened to a sampling of their CD and promptly bought it.  Really catchy stuff.  Especially Heartbeat.  The video is creepy as fuck, though.  It looks like they are playing in the middle of the lineup, which means that I can still head back to Gilly’s afterward for karaoke and shenanigans.

I’ve been breaking out in hives all week.  I think it’s stress.  Or heat.  Or humidity.  Or all of the above.

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forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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