But she could try…

This song has been in my head all day.  Has been a favorite of mine since…2004-ish?  It was around that time, I think, that I first heard MCR.  This song will always remind me of snowy drives, isolation in a suburb of Philadelphia, and depression.

Overall, the weekend was good.  Hub‘s band‘s show on Friday night, chillin’ with a friend on Saturday, chores and cooking today.  Had to, unfortunately, do some work-related stuff today.  It pisses me off that another task has been thrown onto my plate.  This task is in an area that I know NOTHING about.  We hired a consultant, who basically just tells me what to do/say, and then lets me know everything I’ve done wrong.  We hired an expert for a reason, I would have thought.  YOU know what you’re doing, I don’t. So, um…?

It just leaves me frustrated and irritated.   Especially since it involves me actually having to TALK to people, which I hate.  My biggest fears when talking to people on the phone is having people get mad at me, and being put in a situation where I have no idea what I’m talking about.

This particular task brings both of my fears to life. Hip, hip hooray.

Sounds like it just started raining. To match my dreary mood.

I feel like I bitch about the same shit all the time.  I wish someone could understand. I wish it would change. I wish someone would make it all go away.  I don’t feel like dealing with it anymore.

So I’m going to just sit on the couch, watch my stories, and try and forget about it all until tomorrow.


About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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  1. “My stories”. Hahaha!!!

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