First of all – Fall Out Boy is BACK.  FUCK YES.  This promo video has 2Chainz in it. TWO MUTHA FUCKIN’ CHAINZ. He’s not even in the song, but he’s in the video.  Fall Out Boy has killed it once again.  Catchy, a little punk, a little pop, a lot of attitude, swag and relevance.  I love those boys, always will. And seriously. 2CHAINZ!  He comes up with some of the most ridiculously funny rhymes I’ve heard in a while.

FOB’s new track has been on repeat continually on my ipod.  It’s that good. Some will agree with me, some will not. Blee blah, it is what it is.

Meanwhile, my back has been acting up really bad.  I’m currently on the couch with anti-inflammatories and Vicodin pumping through my veins.  My back hasn’t been this bad since I first injured it 10 years ago.

I got a herniated disc brushing 2 feet of snow off of my car…and my (now, obviously ex) boyfriend’s car.  Because I’m sweet like that.  We didn’t have a shovel, so I tried to use a broom to brush the snow off the cars and dig the cars out.  Next day, I couldn’t walk.

It’s acted up on and off over the years, but not this bad.  Standing hurts, sitting hurts, walking hurts…it all hurts.  I have a follow up appointment on Friday.  If it’s not better by then, then I might have to have xrays, an MRI, get some physical therapy.

I have no idea how I aggravated it.  The doctor says that any movement the wrong way could set it off.  So basically, even my over-enthusiastic cheering during the Super Bowl, or attempts to do the “Single Ladies” dance during Beyonce’s halftime show could have done it.  I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.  I don’t hike, I’m not lifting shit.  I’m lazy as hell.

The first time I sprained my ankle really bad was during my freshman year in college.  I tripped walking out of the computer lab.  The second time I sprained it, I was getting up from my desk in the living room to go to the kitchen to make a snack.  SERIOUSLY.  This is my incredibly clumsy, accident-prone life.  I’m scared of physical activity (running, skating, etc.) because of how much I fuck up my body doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

So frustrating.

So now I have to take it easy. At least until Friday.  I’m guessing ideally I shouldn’t be going to work, but let’s face it, I will be.  And I’ll have to grit my teeth all day through the pain, because I sure as hell am not going to work on pain meds.  My doctor said, “Take what you need, but don’t plan on driving or doing anything that requires any amount of attention.”

As I am spacing out while typing this entry…clearly it’s the truth.

Time to put more ice on my back. Wheeee.

About meredithelaine

forty-something. jersey girl in texas via california.
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